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CAW is a easily customizable taskbar written in Python 2.x.


libxcb 1.11
xcb-proto 1.11
xcb-util 0.3.4
xpyb 1.3.1 OR xcffib 0.2.3
cairo 1.8.8
pango 1.24.5


python2 build


python2 install


A sample config is provided: /etc/xdg/caw/

Copy this file to: $HOME/.config/caw/

for more information on widgets and configuration settings:



*** Development Notes ***

Running from the Build Directory (GIT)

1. export your PYTHONPATH to use the development path (where arch is your
   architecture (i686 / x86_64)

export PYTHONPATH=$SRC/caw/build/lib.linux-<arch>-2.6

2. build caw.

python build

3. execute 'caw' or directly run your configuration file.



python $HOME/.config/caw/

Make sure if you make modifications to your source you rebuild it.  I normally leave
one terminal open to the <src> directory then run:

python build && python $HOME/.config/caw/

I tried as much as possible to use the XPYB implementation but there are some
things (such as cairo drawing) that cannot be done on the Python side using XCB.
The choice to use XCB was two-fold: to learn xcb and to use something that is
predicted to be the new xlib (maybe?).  Anyways, I am using openbox, it relies
on pango which in-turn relies on cairo so that is OK.
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