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Use string-equals to compare wiki content hashes, not eq

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1 parent b1df01b commit 3ee7f9f6aaf518c5dd8b5817f0e9ea19d142622c @purcell purcell committed
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6 package-build.el
@@ -185,8 +185,10 @@ seconds; the server cuts off after 10 requests in 20 seconds.")
;; foo.el.stamp file containing ("SHA1" . "PARSED_TIME")
(let* ((new-content-hash (secure-hash 'sha1 (pb/slurp-file filename)))
(stamp-file (concat filename ".stamp"))
- (stamp-info (pb/read-from-file stamp-file)))
- (if (eq new-content-hash (car stamp-info))
+ (stamp-info (pb/read-from-file stamp-file))
+ (prev-content-hash (car stamp-info)))
+ (if (and prev-content-hash
+ (string-equal new-content-hash prev-content-hash))
;; File has not changed, so return old timestamp
(message "%s is unchanged" filename)

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