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Changes in jabber-mode recipe and added hexrgb.el recipe #112

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Changed location of download for Jabber-mode, and added recipe for hexrgb.el


What was wrong with the original jabber-mode repo? I'm wary of changing the URL to point at your unofficial fork -- I understand that you've forked it in order to improve packaging for Melpa, but would it instead be possible to get your changes merged upstream?

Also, hexrgb.el, fsm.el should be packaged directly from the upstream source if possible. Can that be arranged?



@Abrahanfer these should be separate pull requests. we cannot easily merge in the hexrgb.el recipe w/out having to cherry-pick the commit.

thanks for the submission. I'm with steve on this stuff.


Ok, the problem is that Emacs-jabber can not be installed with a snapshot of official repo in sourceforge. It's necesary run configure & make to generate jabber-ourversion.el & jabber-autoloads.el files. In addition, Emacs-jabber has dependencies like hexrgb.el, fsm.el and srv.el files. I had not found the way to indicate dependencies in MELPA yet. I'm goint to package fsm.el and srv.rl then I will make 3 pull request for each package(hexrgb.el, fsm.el, and srv.el) .

Sorry for inconvenience, and thanks for your work

  • hexrgb.el is on the Emacswiki, so any recipe for that library should use the "wiki" fetcher.
  • jabber-autoloads.el will be generated by the package.el machinery, so we don't need that file.
  • fsm.el and srv.el don't seem to exist outside the jabber repo, so it is fine to bundle them inside the jabber package.

Is jabber-ourversion required when jabber package is loaded? If not, we should live without it.

Dependencies are specified using either the "Package-Requires" header comment, or using a "*-pkg.el" file.

We really don't want to rely on a fork for this package, so I would strongly encourage you to submit changes to the upstream developers.


ok, then I'm going to close this pull request, and I'll communicate with the official developers to ask them for the changes needed in the repo.

Sorry for inconveniences and thanks to both for your work.


It should probably be added that the reason we try to avoid forks is because in most cases they will start to lag. Forks have very little incentive to continually update but developers will because they are actually committing changes.

@Abrahanfer Abrahanfer closed this
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+ :fetcher github
+ :repo "Abrahanfer/hexrgb")
4 recipes/jabber-mode
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- :url "git://"
- :fetcher git)
+ :repo "Abrahanfer/emacs-jabber"
+ :fetcher github)
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