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.dir-locals.el Fix dumb mistake in recipes/.dir-locals.el
2048-game Add 2048-game
4clojure Add 4clojure.el
@ Add @ recipe.
abc-mode Added recipe for abc-mode.
abl-mode Re-add abl-mode (see #1104)
ac-anaconda Move anaconda-mode back.
ac-c-headers add ac-c-headers
ac-cake Add recipe `ac-cake`
ac-cake2 Add recipe `ac-cake2`
ac-capf Add ac-capf
ac-cider Update and rename ac-cider-compliment to ac-cider
ac-clang Add missing files to ac-clang recipe (closes #2512)
ac-dabbrev Keep recipes in individual files inside the "recipes" subdirectory.
ac-dcd Recipe for ac-dcd
ac-emmet Add ac-emmet recipe
ac-etags add ac-etags
ac-geiser Add ac-geiser, an auto-complete backend to geiser.
ac-haskell-process Add ac-haskell-process
ac-helm Add ac-helm recipe
ac-html Removed :files spec from ac-html recipe
ac-html-bootstrap Add font awesome completion data directory
ac-html-csswatcher Add recipes for ac-html-csswatcher
ac-inf-ruby Add ac-inf-ruby
ac-ispell add ac-ispell
ac-js2 Recipe for Javascript auto-completion.
ac-math add ac-math recipe
ac-mozc Add recipe for ac-mozc
ac-nim Split ac-nim out of nim-mode
ac-octave Add ac-octave
ac-php Add ac-php
ac-skk Add ac-skk recipe
ac-slime Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
ac-sly Add ac-sly (closes #2057)
ace-flyspell Add recipe for ace-flyspell
ace-isearch Create ace-isearch
ace-jump-buffer ace-jump-buffer recipe
ace-jump-helm-line Add recipe for ace-jump-helm-line
ace-jump-mode Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
ace-jump-zap ace-jump-zap recipe
ace-link Add ace-link
ace-pinyin Add recipe for ace-pinyin
ace-window Add ace-window
achievements Added achievements package
ack-menu Add ack-menu
actionscript-mode actionscript-mode recipe
addressbook-bookmark * recipes/addressbook-bookmark: Add addressbook-bookmark.el file.
adoc-mode Add markup-faces and adoc-mode
aes Updated Repository URL for aes.
afternoon-theme Add afternoon-theme
ag Add ag recipe
aggressive-fill-paragraph Add recipe for aggressive-fill-paragraph package
aggressive-indent Update recipes with new Username
ahg ahg - mode for mercurial
ahk-mode ahk-mode package
ahungry-theme Add ahungry-theme to recipes
airplay add "gongo/airplay" recipe
alchemist add recipe for alchemist
alect-themes Recipe for alect-themes was added
alert Added jwiegley/alert
align-cljlet Remove some redundant file specs.
all-ext Recipe for all-ext
amd-mode Adds recipe for `amd-mode`
ample-regexps Add ample-regexps recipe
ample-theme Add ample-theme
ample-zen-theme Add recipe for ample-zen-theme
anaconda-mode Remove git submodules from anaconda-mode recipe.
anaphora add recipe for anaphora.el
anchored-transpose Initial creation.
android-mode Add android-mode
angry-police-captain Add angry-police-captain
angular-snippets add snippets directory to angular-snippets
annoying-arrows-mode Add annoying-arrows-mode
ansi Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
ansible Add recipe `ansible`
ansible-doc Add ansible-doc
ant Add ant
anti-zenburn-theme Fix anti-zenburn-theme package name.
anx-api Add anx-api
anyins Add anyins
anything Fix anything recipe
anything-exuberant-ctags Add recipe `anything-exuberant-ctags`
anything-git-files Add anything-git-files recipe
anything-git-grep Add anything-git-grep recipes
anything-milkode Add anything-milkode
anything-project Add a recipe for anything-project.el
anything-prosjekt Add prosjekt and its plugins
anything-replace-string Add recipe `anything-replace-string`
anything-sage Add anything-sage.
anzu Add anzu-mode.
aok Add aok
apache-mode Add a handful of new recipes
apel Add recipe for APEL
apples-mode Fix apples-mode recipe to include snippets
applescript-mode Add applescript-mode
aproject Add recipe for aproject
apropos-fn+var Fix apropos-fn+var recipe.
apropospriate-theme add apropospriate-theme package
apt-utils-ido Add apt-utils-ido
archive-region Recipe for archive-region
arduino-mode Add recipe for arduino-mode
aria2 Fix recipe filename to match package name
ariadne Add bert and ariadne
artbollocks-mode New recipe: artbollock-mode
ascii Add a handful of new recipes
asilea Add asilea
asn1-mode Add asn1-mode
async add async to recipe
atom-dark-theme Add recipe for Atom Dark Theme
auctex-latexmk Add recipes/auctex-latexmk
auctex-lua Add auctex-lua
audio-notes-mode Update recipes with new Username
aurel Add recipe for aurel
aurora-config-mode Add aurora-config-mode
auto-async-byte-compile Recipe for auto-async-byte-compile
auto-auto-indent removed some es- prefixes
auto-capitalize Change github to wiki
auto-compile add auto-compile recipe
auto-complete Move repository to auto-complete/auto-complete
auto-complete-auctex Create auto-complete-auctex
auto-complete-c-headers Add auto-complete-c-headers
auto-complete-chunk Exclude test-auto-complete-chunk.el
auto-complete-clang Added auto-complete-clang
auto-complete-clang-async Add auto-complete-clang-async recipe
auto-complete-exuberant-ctags Add recipe `auto-complete-exuberant-ctags`
auto-complete-nxml Recipe for auto-complete-nxml
auto-complete-pcmp add recipe for auto-complete-pcmp
auto-complete-rst Add auto-complete-rst
auto-complete-sage Add a recipe for auto-complete-sage.
auto-dictionary Add auto-dictionary
auto-dim-other-buffers Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
auto-highlight-symbol Add auto-highlight-symbol recipe
auto-indent-mode Add auto-indent-mode
auto-install * recipes/auto-install: new
auto-package-update Add recipe for `auto-package-update`
auto-save-buffers-enhanced Add auto-save-buffers-enhanced recipe
auto-shell-command Add auto-shell-command
auto-yasnippet simplify auto-yasnippet recipe
autobookmarks Add autobookmarks
autodisass-java-bytecode Add autodisass-java-bytecode
autodisass-llvm-bitcode Add autodisass-llvm-bitcode
autofit-frame A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
automargin simplify automargin recipe
autopair Remove some redundant file specs.
autotest Added autotest
autotetris-mode Add autotetris-mode
autumn-light-theme Added recipe for autumn-light color theme
avy Add avy
avy-zap Add avy-zap
awk-it Add awk-it
babel Add babel
back-button Add several new libraries: alert, back-button, dynamic-fonts,
backup-each-save add recipe for backup-each-save
backup-walker Assert that recipes are well-formed at the time they are read
badger-theme add badger-theme recipe
base16-theme base16-theme: new repo
bash-completion Add bash-completion
basic-theme Adds recipe for basic-theme.
batch-mode Add batch-mode
bats-mode Add bats-mode recipe
bbcode-mode Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
bbdb Add to files list for bbdb
bbdb- add recipe for bbdb-
bbdb-csv-import Add "gitlab" as a fetcher type
bbdb-ext Add bbdb-ext
bbdb-vcard Switch bbdb-vcard recipe to @tohojo's fork
bbdb2erc bbdb2erc
bbyac Add bbyac recipe.
bdo Add bdo
beeminder Add beeminder recipe
benchmark-init Add benchmark-init
bert Add bert and ariadne
better-defaults Add better-defaults
better-registers Add better-registers
bf-mode Add bf-mode recipe
bibretrieve Create bibretrieve
bibslurp Add bibslurp
bibtex-utils Add bibtex-utils (closes #1764)
bind-key Fix package name in bind-key recipe
bing-dict Add recipe for bing-dict.el
birds-of-paradise-plus-theme Add recipe for birds-of-paradise-plus-theme package
bison-mode Adding a recipe for bison-mode.
bitlbee Change bitlbee.el repository URL
bitly Add bitly
blank-mode Add blank-mode recipe
blgrep Add recipe `blgrep`
bliss-theme Collection of themes converted from sublime text
bm Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
bog Add Bog
bongo Add `recipes/bongo'
bonjourmadame Add recipe for bonjourmadame
bookmark+ Keep recipes in individual files inside the "recipes" subdirectory.
boon Remove some redundant file specs.
boron-theme Collection of themes converted from sublime text
boxquote Add boxquote
bpe Add recipe for bpe
bracketed-paste Add bracketed-paste
brainfuck-mode Add a recipe for brainfuck-mode.
broadcast Add broadcast
browse-at-remote Add browse-at-remote recipe
browse-kill-ring Update browse-kill-ring repository.
browse-kill-ring+ add browse-kill-ring+
browse-url-dwim add flyspell-lazy, browse-url-dwim, buffer-utils
bs-ext Add bs-ext
btc-ticker mtgox package has been renamed to btc-ticker
bts add recipe for bts
bts-github add recipe for bts-github
bubbleberry-theme Add bubbleberry-theme
buffer-buttons Add recipe: buffer-buttons
buffer-move update buffer-move location, now on github
buffer-stack Add buffer-stack
buffer-utils add flyspell-lazy, browse-url-dwim, buffer-utils
bufshow Add bufshow
bug-reference-github Add bug-reference-github
bundler bundler.el mode for Ruby Bundler
bury-successful-compilation Add bury-successful-compilation
buster-mode Add buster-mode
buster-snippets Add snippets subdir to buster-snippets recipe (fixes #368)
busybee-theme Add busybee-theme (closes #996)
butler Add butler
buttercup Add "bin" to buttercup recipe
button-lock Add button-lock, wiki-nav, unicode-fonts, unicode-progress-reporter
c-eldoc Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
cache Add cache.el
cacoo Add cacoo
cake Add recipe `cake`
cake-inflector Add recipe `cake-inflector`
cake2 Add recipe `cake2`
cal-china-x add cal-china-x
calfw add calfw
calfw-gcal Add calfw-gcal
calmer-forest-theme Add recipe for calmer-forest-theme.
camcorder Update recipes with new Username
caml Add caml and tuareg
capture Add "capture" recipe
cask Add :old-names key to recipes that have been renamed
cask-package-toolset update cask-package-toolset recipe stupid fix
caskxy add recipe for caskxy
ccc Add ccc recipe
cd-compile Add recipe for cd-compile
cdb Add recipe for cdb.el
cdlatex Add CDLaTeX recipe
cdnjs Add cdnjs
cedit Add cedit
centered-cursor-mode Add centered-cursor-mode
centered-window-mode centered-window-mode
centimacro Add centimacro
cerbere Add Cerbere. phpunit.el and gotest.el are deprecated
cfengine-code-style Add cfengine-code-style
cg Rename cg-mode to cg.
change-inner add change-inner recipe
charmap Add charmap
chatwork Add chatwork recipe
checkbox Add checkbox recipe
chef-mode chef-mode recipe
cherry-blossom-theme Update cherry-blossom-theme recipe with new github handle
chicken-scheme Add chicken-scheme
chinese-fonts-setup mv chinese-fonts-setup to recipes/
chinese-pyim Revert "Rename chinese-pyim to pyim (see #2329)"
chinese-remote-input Add chinese-remote-input
chinese-word-at-point Add recipe for chinese-word-at-point
chinese-yasdcv Add chinese-yasdcv
chm-view Add chm-view
chronos Add recipe for chronos
chruby Add chruby.el recipe
cider Fix missing file in cider recipe.
cider-decompile Rename nrepl-decompile to cider-decompile
cider-eval-sexp-fu Fix recipe file name (see #2612)
cider-profile create cider-profile recipe
cider-spy Add cider-spy recipe
cil-mode Add recipe for cil-mode
circe Adjust circe to the new upstream repository layout.
cl-lib-highlight Add cl-lib-highlight recipe.
clang-format clang-format moved to cfe repo
clean-aindent-mode Add clean-aindent-mode
clevercss Add clevercss
clipmon add recipe for clipmon
clippy Added clippy
clips-mode Add clips-mode
clj-refactor Add changelog as resource in clj-refactor
cljr-helm Add cljr-helm.
cljsbuild-mode cljsbuild-mode
clmemo Add recipe `clmemo`
cloc add recipe for cloc package
clocker Add recipe for clocker
clojure-cheatsheet clojure-cheatsheet has moved
clojure-mode Update clojure-mode's repo
clojure-mode-extra-font-locking Add recipe for clojure-mode-extra-font-locking
clojure-quick-repls Added clojure-quick-repls to recipes
clojure-snippets get the snippets dir too
closure-lint-mode Add a handful of new recipes
cloud-to-butt-erc Add cloud-to-butt-erc
clues-theme Add clues-theme
cm-mode Add cm-mode
cmake-font-lock Advanced, type aware, highlight support for CMake
cmake-ide Recipe for the cmake-ide package
cmake-mode Add cmake-mode
cmds-menu add drew adams cmds-menu
cmm-mode cmm-mode: Move maintainership to bgamari
cn-outline Recipe for cn-outline
cobra-mode Add cobra-mode
codebug Add codebug.el
codesearch Limiting codesearch recipe to codesearch.el.
codic Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
coffee-fof Add coffee-fof.el recipe
coffee-mode Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
col-highlight col-highlight recipe.
colemak-evil add recipe for colemak-evil
colonoscopy-theme Collection of themes converted from sublime text
color-identifiers-mode Add color-identifiers-mode
color-moccur add color-moccur recipe
color-theme recipes: fix the color-theme recipe
color-theme-approximate Remove :files entries where value is the default ("*.el")
color-theme-buffer-local Two recipes for loading themes buffer-local one for color-theme other…
color-theme-sanityinc-solarized Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
color-theme-solarized Added support for color-theme-solarized
colorsarenice-theme `colorsarenice-theme' and `fasm-mode' moved to Github.
column-enforce-mode Add column-enforce-mode
column-marker Column-marker recipe.
command-log-mode Add command-log-mode
commander Add commander recipe.
comment-dwim-2 Add comment-dwim-2
common-lisp-snippets add recipe for common-lisp-snippets
company Rename company-mode package to company (see #640)
company-anaconda Move anaconda-mode back.
company-auctex Use github fetcher for company-auctex recipe (see #1829)
company-c-headers Add company-c-headers
company-cabal Add recipe for company-cabal
company-coq recipes: Add company-coq
company-dcd Add recipe of company-dcd
company-edbi Add company-edbi recipe.
company-ghc Add company-ghc
company-ghci Add recipe for company-ghci
company-go Add recipe for company-go
company-inf-ruby Add company-inf-ruby
company-irony add irony-mode and company-irony recipes.
company-jedi Update jedi(auto-complete) and add jedi-core and company-jedi recipes
company-math Remove unnecessary :files values from recipes
company-quickhelp Add recipe for company-quickhelp
company-racer Add company-racer recipe
company-restclient Add recipe for company-restclient
company-tern Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
company-web Add company-web
company-ycm Add ycm and company-ycm recipes.
company-ycmd Added ycmd and company-ycmd recipes.
concurrent Add epc recipe and its required packages
confluence Update confluence recipe and remove confluence-edit (closes #946)
conkeror-minor-mode Update recipes with new Username
connection add recipes for dictionary
control-mode Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
corral Add corral
counsel Add counsel
cperl-mode Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
cpputils-cmake added recipe for cpputils-cmake
crab Add crab
crappy-jsp-mode Add crappy-jsp-mode
creds Rename recipes to creds
creole Add creole (see #370)
creole-mode Add creole-mode
crm-custom Add recipe for crm-custom
crontab-mode Add a handful of new recipes
crosshairs Add crosshairs
cryptol-mode Add cryptol-mode package.
cryptsy-public-api Removed unnecessary `:files` pattern from cryptsy-public-api recipe
csharp-mode Update csharp-mode package to maintained copy on Github,
css-comb Add css-comb recipe
css-eldoc Remove redundant files from recipe
cssh Add cssh
csv-nav Keep recipes in individual files inside the "recipes" subdirectory.
ctable Add epc recipe and its required packages
ctags Add ctags
ctags-update Add a recipe for ctags-update.
ctl-mode Add ctl-mode
ctxmenu add recipe for ctxmenu
cucumber-goto-step Removed files spec from recipe.
cuda-mode Adds cuda-mode.
cursor-chg Add cursor-chg
cursor-test fix typo in cursor-test
cus-edit+ Add `cus-edit+` recipe (aka Customize+) from Wiki
cyberpunk-theme Cyberpunk recipe added to repo.
cycbuf Add cycbuf
cycle-resize Add cycle-resize
cycle-themes Add cycle-themes package
cygwin-mount Add cygwin-mount (see #2125)
cypher-mode Add cypher-mode
cython-mode Add cython-mode
d-mode set proper d-mode repository
dactyl-mode Add dactyl-mode
dakrone-theme Add the 'dakrone-theme' package
darcsum update darcsum repo url
darcula-theme add
dark-krystal-theme Collection of themes converted from sublime text
dark-souls add dark-souls recipe
darkburn-theme Remove redundant :files spec from darkburn-theme recipe (see #1507)
darkmine-theme Add a recipe for the rewrote darkmine-theme
darktooth-theme Adding darktooth-theme
dart-mode Add dart-mode
dash Split dash in two: dash.el and dash-functional.el
dash-at-point update dash-at-point recipes to refer the original repository.
dash-functional Split dash in two: dash.el and dash-functional.el
date-at-point Add recipe for date-at-point
date-field add recipe for date-field
datomic-snippets Add datomic-snippets (closes #845)
dayone Fix :files in recipes/dayone
db Exclude tests from db recipe
db-pg Add db-pg
ddskk * recipes/ddskk: Remove ccc.el from files property
debpaste Add debpaste recipe
debug-print Add debug-print
decl Update decl
dedicated Add dedicated.el
dedukti-mode Add dedukti-mode
default-text-scale Add default-text-scale
deferred Add deferred
define-word Add define-word
deft Keep recipes in individual files inside the "recipes" subdirectory.
delight Add delight
delim-kill Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
demangle-mode Add demangle-mode for automatic C++ symbol demangling.
demo-it Add demo-it (closes #1885)
desktop-registry Add desktop-registry
dic-lookup-w3m Add dic-lookup-w3m (closes #313)
dictionary add recipes for dictionary
diff-hl Add diff-hl
diffscuss-mode Add diffscuss-mode
digistar-mode add recipe for digistar-mode
dim-autoload add dim-autoload recipe
diminish Add a handful of new recipes
dircmp Add dircmp
dired+ Keep recipes in individual files inside the "recipes" subdirectory.
dired-avfs Add dired-hacks packages
dired-details Add dired-details
dired-details+ Add dired-details+
dired-dups Add dired-dups
dired-efap update dired-efap to use github repo by author
dired-fdclone Add dired-fdclone.
dired-filter Add dired-hacks packages
dired-hacks-utils Add dired-hacks packages
dired-imenu New recipe: dired-imenu
dired-k Add dired-k recipe
dired-narrow Add dired-narrow
dired-open Add dired-hacks packages
dired-rainbow Add dired-hacks packages
dired-ranger Add dired-ranger
dired-single Add dired-single
dired-sort Add dired-sort
dired-sort-menu A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
dired-sort-menu+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
dired-subtree Add dired-subtree
dired-toggle Add recipe for dired-toggle
dired-toggle-sudo Recipe for dired-toggle-sudo
direx Add direx recipe
direx-grep add recipe for direx-grep
dirtree Add dirtree
dirtree-prosjekt Add prosjekt and its plugins
disaster Add disaster recipe
discover Add makey and discover
discover-clj-refactor Add discover-clj-refactor.el
discover-js2-refactor Fix package naming for discover-js2-refactor.
discover-my-major add discover-my-major recipe
disk recipe for disk.el from the wiki
dispass Add dispass
display-theme Add display-theme
distinguished-theme Add distinguished-theme
dizzee Add dizzee
django-mode Add django-mode
django-snippets Add django-mode
django-theme added django theme
dkdo Add dkmisc and dkdo
dklrt Removed .pyc files from list.
dkmisc Removed .pyc files from list.
dna-mode Add dna-mode
docbook-snippets Added a recipe for the docbook-snippets package.
docean Add docean.el recipe
docker-tramp Rename docker recipe to docker-tramp
dockerfile-mode Adding dockerfile-mode
dokuwiki-mode Add dokuwiki-mode
dollaro Add recipes/dollaro.
dom Update dom to point to an updated, working version
doremi A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
doremi-cmd A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
doremi-frm A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
doremi-mac A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
dos add dos mode recipe
dot-mode Add dot-mode
download-region add download-region
downplay-mode Add downplay-mode
dpaste Add dpaste
dpaste_de Add dpaste_de
draft-mode Add recipe for draft-mode
drag-stuff Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
drill-instructor-AZIK-force fix extraneous space at the end of the package file name
dropbox Add dropbox.el
dropdown-list Add dropdown-list
drupal-mode Add drupal-mode
drupal-spell Add drupal-spell again - upstream issues resolved
dsvn Add a handful of new recipes
dtrace-script-mode Added DTrace mode
dtrt-indent Add dtrt-indent
dts-mode Add dts-mode
ducpel Add recipe for ducpel
dummy-h-mode Add dummy-h-mode recipe
dummyparens add dummyparens recipe
duplicate-thing Add duplicate-thing
dyalog-mode Add recipe for dyalog-mode.
dylan-mode Major mode for the Dylan programming language
dynamic-fonts Add several new libraries: alert, back-button, dynamic-fonts,
e2ansi Fix e2ansi recipe.
e2wm add e2wm
e2wm-R Add e2wm-R recipe
e2wm-bookmark add ew2m-bookmark recipe
e2wm-direx add recipe for e2wm-direx
e2wm-pkgex4pl fix e2wm-pkgex4pl recipe. missing :repo keyword
e2wm-svg-clock Add e2wm-svg-clock recipe
e2wm-sww add recipe for e2wm-sww
e2wm-term add recipe for e2wm-term
easy-after-load Add easy-after-load
easy-kill Add easy-kill recipe
easy-kill-extras Add easy-kill-extras.
easy-repeat Add easy-repeat recipe
ebib Add "dir" and "*.info" to the default :files spec
ecb Build the info files.
echo-bell Add Drew Adams's echo-bell package.
eclipse-theme Add eclipse-theme
ecukes Ecukes and Espuds have moved to Ecukes org.
edbi Add edbi
edbi-database-url Add edbi-database-url recipe.
edbi-django Add edbi-django recipe.
edbi-minor-mode Add edbi-minor-mode recipe.
edbi-sqlite Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
ede-compdb Add ede-compdb recipe.
edebug-x Edebug-x recipe
edit-color-stamp removed some es- prefixes
edit-indirect Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
edit-list Add edit-list
edit-server Add Edit with Emacs' edit-server
edit-server-htmlize Add Roland McGrath's edit-server-htmlize hooks for edit-server.
editorconfig add editorconfig recipe
edn add recipe for edn
edts Use master branch for edts (closes #1876)
efire Add efire recipe
egg Added the recipe for egg mode
egison-mode Add egison-mode
eide Add eide recipe.
eimp Add eimp
ein Updating official repository for ein recipe
ein-mumamo Add ein-mumamo
el-autoyas Add el-autoyas
el-get Don't include recipes in el-get package
el-init Add el-init recipe
el-init-viewer Add el-init-viewer recipe
el-mock El-mock has moved to Github.
el-pocket Added recipe for pterygota/el-pocket.
el-spec Add el-spec
el-spice Add a recipe for `el-spice`
el-sprunge Add el-sprunge
el-spy Add el-spy
el-swank-fuzzy Add el-swank-fuzzy
el-x Add el-x
el2markdown Adding a recipe for el2markdown.
eldoc-eval Add eldoc-eval
eldoc-extension Add eldoc-extension recipe
electric-case Add electric-case
electric-spacing Change package named electric-spacing
elein Add a handful of new recipes
elfeed Recipe for elfeed
elfeed-org Rename elfeed-org repo
elfeed-web Fix elfeed recipe
elhome Update elhome: change github repo owner
elisp-depend Add elisp-depend
elisp-sandbox Add elisp-sandbox (closes #940)
elisp-slime-nav Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
elixir-mode add up to date version of the elixir-mode
elixir-yasnippets Add elixir-yasnippets package.
elm-mode Add elm-mode
elmacro Add elmacro recipe
elmine Add elmine recipe
elnode Use :branch rather than :commit for git recipes
elpa-audit Add elpa-audit
elpa-mirror elpa-mirror added, build local elpa repository
elpy update recipe for elpy
elscreen Switch elscreen to @knu's fork (closes #2064)
elscreen-mew Add recipe `elscreen-mew`
elscreen-multi-term Add recipe for elscreen-multi-term
elscreen-persist Add recipe for elscreen-persist
elscreen-separate-buffer-list Add recipe for elscreen-separate-buffer-list
elwm Add elwm
elx add elx recipe
emacs-eclim fix emacs-eclim recipe
emacs-setup Add recipe emacs-setup
emacsagist Added recipe for emacsagist.
emacsc Fix :fetcher of recipes that used a string as value
emacsql Add an EmacSQL recipe.
emacsshot Add emacsshot
emagician-fix-spell-memory New recipe for emagician-fix-spell-memory
emamux Remove :files entry
emamux-ruby-test Fix emamux-ruby-test recipe (see #831)
ember-mode add ember-mode
ember-yasnippets Add ember-yasnippets recipe
emmet-mode Add emmet-mode
emms Include documentation in EMMS package
emms-info-mediainfo Add recipe for emms-info-mediainfo
emms-mark-ext Add emms-mark-ext
emms-player-mpv Add emms-player-mpv
emms-player-mpv-jp-radios Update recipe for emms-player-mpv-jp-radios
emms-player-simple-mpv Add recipe for emms-player-simple-mpv
emms-soundcloud Add emms-soundcloud
emoji-cheat-sheet-plus Add recipe for emoji-cheat-sheet-plus
emoji-display Add emoji-display
emr Add emr
enclose Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
engine-mode Add recipe for engine-mode
enh-ruby-mode Add Enhanced Ruby Mode
enotify Remove :files entries where value is the default ("*.el")
ensime ensime recipe and remove self-packaged files
envdir Add envdir recipe.
epc Add epc recipe and its required packages
epic Remove uneeded :files pattern for epic recipe
epl Add epl recipe.
epresent Add epresent
eprime-mode Add eprime-mode
eproject Update eproject recipe to include contrib
erc-colorize Add erc-colorize recipe
erc-crypt Add erc-crypt
erc-hl-nicks Add erc-hl-nicks
erc-image erc-image added
erc-social-graph Add erc-social-graph
erc-terminal-notifier Add erc-terminal-notifier
erc-track-score Build @jd's packages from github, not his personal site
erc-tweet erc-tweet added
erc-view-log Add erc-view-log
erc-youtube Add erc-youtube
erc-yt Add recipe for erc-yt
ercn Add ercn
eredis Add eredis
erefactor Add erefactor recipe
ergoemacs-mode Remove superfluous paren in ergoemacs-mode recipe (fixes #930)
erlang Add recipe for erlang (see #96)
ert-async Add ert-async recipe.
ert-expectations Recipe for ert-expectations
ert-junit Add recipe for ert-junit
ert-modeline Add ert-modeline
ert-runner Add reporters directory to ert-runner recipe.
es-lib Remove :files entries where value is the default ("*.el")
es-mode Add elasticsearch-mode
es-windows added recipe
escreen * recipes/escreen: terminal multiplexer a la GNU Screen
esh-buf-stack Add recipes/esh-buf-stack
esh-help Add recipes/esh-help
eshell-autojump eshell-autojump: use coldnew's fork
eshell-prompt-extras eshell-prompt-extra
espresso-theme Add espresso-theme recipe
espuds Ecukes and Espuds have moved to Ecukes org.
esqlite integrate emacs with sqlite database
esqlite-helm integrate emacs with sqlite database
ess Copy ess-pkg.el to the root directory.
ess-R-data-view Add ess-R-data-view recipe
ess-R-object-popup Add ess-R-object-popup recipe
ess-smart-equals A better smart-assignment for R (and S) with the =-key, no underscores.
ess-smart-underscore Add ess-smart-underscore
esup add Emacs StartUp Profiler (esup) recipe
esxml Add esxml
etable Add etable recipe
etags-select add recipe for etags-select
etags-table add etags-table recipe
ethan-wspace Recipe for ethan-wspace.
eval-in-repl Use default :files spec for eval-in-repl recipe
eval-sexp-fu Add eval-sexp-fu
evil update gitorious recipes to use https
evil-annoying-arrows Added evil-annoying-arrows-mode
evil-anzu Add evil-anzu recipe
evil-args Add evil-args
evil-cleverparens Add evil-cleverparens
evil-commentary Create evil-commentary
evil-dvorak I have added a recipe for evil-dvorak
evil-easymotion Add evil-easymotion
evil-escape Add evil-escape recipe
evil-exchange Add evil-exchange
evil-god-state add recipe for evil-god-state
evil-iedit-state Add recipe for evil-iedit-state
evil-indent-textobject Add evil-indent-textobject
evil-jumper Added recipe for evil-jumper
evil-leader Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
evil-lisp-state Add evil-lisp-state recipe
evil-mark-replace added recipe for evil-mark-replace
evil-matchit Add evil-matchit
evil-nerd-commenter Add evil-nerd-commenter
evil-numbers Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
evil-org Add evil-org-mode
evil-paredit Add a recipe for evil-paredit.
evil-rsi Add evil-rsi, a port of vim-rsi
evil-search-highlight-persist added evil-search-highlight-persist
evil-smartparens Add recipe for evil-smartparens
evil-snipe Add recipe for evil-snipe
evil-space evil-space: A port of vim-space for evil
evil-surround Add :old-names entry for evil-surround (see #1782)
evil-tabs Adding evil-tabs.
evil-terminal-cursor-changer Add evil-terminal-cursor-changer recipe for melpa.
evil-tutor Add evil-tutor recipe
evil-visual-mark-mode Add evil-visual-mark-mode recipe
evil-visualstar Add recipe for evil-visualstar
evm Change evm recipe repo.
ewmctrl Add recipe for ewmctrl.
eww-lnum Add recipe for eww-lnum.
exec-path-from-shell Add exec-path-from-shell
expand-region Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
express Rename alert package to express
extend-dnd Add "dir" and "*.info" to the default :files spec
eyebrowse Add eyebrowse recipe
eyedropper A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
eyuml Add eyuml
ez-query-replace adding a recipe for ez-query-replace
f Add recipe for f.el.
fabric Add fabric (closes #1462)
face-remap+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
facemenu+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
faces+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
faceup New package: faceup, a regression test system for font-lock packages.
factlog Add factlog
faff-theme New recipe: faff-theme
fakespace Add fakespace recipe.
fakir Add fakir, db and elnode
fancy-battery Add fancy-battery
fancy-narrow Update recipes with new Username
farmhouse-theme add Farmhouse-Theme
fasd added fasd recipe
fasm-mode `colorsarenice-theme' and `fasm-mode' moved to Github.
fastnav Add fastnav
fcitx Add recipe for fcitx
fcopy Add fcopy recipe
feature-mode Add recipe for feature-mode package
fetch add recipe for fetch
fic-mode Add recipe for fic-mode
figlet Add figlet recipe
files+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
filesets+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
fill-column-indicator Include all files from fill-column-indicator repo
finalize Add recipe for finalize.
find-by-pinyin-dired find-by-pinin-dired
find-file-in-project Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
find-file-in-repository fixing silly copy-paste error
find-temp-file Add find-temp-file recipe
find-things-fast Update find-things-fast recipe.
finder+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
findr Use emacswiki version of findr
fingers Adds recipe for fingers.el.
fiplr Add fiplr
firebelly-theme Added 'firebelly-theme'.
firecode-theme Collection of themes converted from sublime text
firestarter Add firestarter recipe
fish-mode Add fish-mode
fit-frame Add fit-frame
fix-word add fix-word
fixmee add recipe for fixmee-mode library
flappymacs add recipe for flappymacs
flash-region Add recipe for flash-region
flatland-black-theme Collection of themes converted from sublime text
flatland-theme Fix repo location
flatui-theme add flatui-theme
flex-autopair Add flex-autopair
flex-isearch add flex-isearch recipe
flim Add recipe for FLIM
fliptext Add fliptext
floobits Add Floobits Emacs plugin to MELPA
flx Split flx into 2 separate package
flx-ido Split flx into 2 separate package
flx-isearch Add flx-isearch
flycheck Update Flycheck location
flycheck-cask Add flycheck-cask
flycheck-clojure Fetch flycheck-clojure-el from elisp/flycheck-clojure directory.
flycheck-color-mode-line Update flycheck-color-mode-line location
flycheck-d-unittest Add :old-names key to recipes that have been renamed
flycheck-dedukti Add flycheck-dedukti
flycheck-dmd-dub Recipe for flycheck-dmd-dub
flycheck-ghcmod Recipe for flycheck-ghcmod
flycheck-google-cpplint move repository to flycheck organization
flycheck-haskell Use :defaults in flycheck-haskell
flycheck-hdevtools Add flycheck-hdevtools
flycheck-irony add flycheck-irony recipe
flycheck-ledger Add flycheck-ledger
flycheck-mercury Add flycheck-mercury
flycheck-ocaml Add flycheck-ocaml
flycheck-package Add flycheck-package
flycheck-perl6 Add recipe for flycheck-perl6
flycheck-pos-tip Add recipe flycheck-pos-tip
flycheck-pyflakes Adding a recipe for flycheck-pyflakes.
flycheck-rust Add flycheck-rust
flycheck-tip Change flycheck-tip recipe
flycheck-ycmd Added flycheck-ycmd recipe.
flymake-coffee Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-cppcheck Add recipe `flymake-cppcheck`
flymake-css Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-cursor Keep recipes in individual files inside the "recipes" subdirectory.
flymake-easy Add flymake-easy
flymake-elixir added flymake-elixir recipe
flymake-gjshint Add flymake-gjshint recipe
flymake-go Added flymake-go recipe
flymake-google-cpplint Add recipe: flymake-google-cpplint
flymake-haml Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-haskell-multi Add flymake-haskell-multi
flymake-hlint Add flymake-hlint
flymake-jshint adding a recipe for flymake-jshint
flymake-jslint Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-json Add flymake-json
flymake-lua Add flymake-lua
flymake-perlcritic Update recipes based on new style
flymake-php Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-phpcs Add flymake-phpcs recipe.
flymake-puppet Add recipe for flymake-puppet
flymake-python-pyflakes Add flymake-python-pyflakes
flymake-ruby Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-rust add a recipe for rust-flymake
flymake-sass Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-shell Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
flymake-vala add flymake-vala
flymake-yaml flymake-yaml: Remove external script
flyparens Add flyparens
flyspell-lazy add flyspell-lazy, browse-url-dwim, buffer-utils
fm Add fm
focus Added Focus
fold-dwim Add fold-dwim and fold-dwim-org
fold-dwim-org Add fold-dwim and fold-dwim-org
fold-this Add fold-this
font-lock+ A collection of Wiki packages for Drew Adams.
font-lock-studio Add font-lock-studio
font-utils add recipe font-utils
foreign-regexp Add foreign-regexp recipe
foreman-mode add receipt for foreman-mode
form-feed Add recipe
format-sql Add recipe for format-sql.el
fortpy Added recipe for fortpy
fountain-mode fix fountain-mode recipe
frame-cmds Add frame-cmds
frame-fns Add frame-fns
frame-restore Add frame-restore.el
frame-tag Add frame-tag
framemove Add recipe for framemove.
framesize Add framesize
free-keys Add free-keys
fringe-current-line Add fringe-current-line
fringe-helper Add fringe-helper
fsharp-mode update fsharp-mode to use wildcard for dlls
fuel Add fuel (fixes #708)
full-ack Add a specialized "github" fetcher, as a shorthand for corresponding …
fullframe Add fullframe
fullscreen-mode rename fullscreen recipe to fullscreen-mode
function-args Add function-args
furl Add furl
fuzzy Add fuzzy-el recipe
fuzzy-format Add fuzzy-format
fuzzy-match Add fuzzy-match
fvwm-mode add fvwm-mode recipe
fwb-cmds add fwb-cmds recipe
fyure Add recipe for fyure
gandalf-theme Add gandalf theme
gap-mode Added gaprc file to recipe for gap-mode
gather fix gather.el recipe to point the newest version
geben Add geben
gedit-mode Add recipe for gedit-mode.
geeknote Add a recipe for geeknote
geiser Tweak file list for geiser (see #1040)