Functions to toggle the [Location List] and the [Quickfix List] windows.
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A simple plugin for vim that allows you to bind a key to toggle the Location List and the Quickfix List. This plugin is currently in early development and there aren't many things besides a few options I imagine adding. Feel free to submit patches.


Basic Brute-Force Install

Copy togglelist.vim to your ~/.vim/plugin directory.


Checkout the github repository to the Pathogen directory.

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone


The default mappings are:

nmap <script> <silent> <leader>l :call ToggleLocationList()<CR>
nmap <script> <silent> <leader>q :call ToggleQuickfixList()<CR>

You can prevent these mappings by setting g:toggle_list_no_mappings in your .vimrc and then remap them if you want--both ToggleLocationList and ToggleQuickfixList are global functions. I imagine the names of the functions are self-explanatory.

After opening or closing either list, the previous window is restored so you can still use <C-w>p.


You can specify which command you want to use to open a quickfix list(in case you are using some plugin) like:

let g:toggle_list_copen_command="Copen"