Web development portfolio website for Millan Singh.
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This is the web development portfolio website for Millan Singh.

I am posting the source code for my portfolio webiste hosted at http://millansingh.io for interested parties to examine if they so choose, specifically so that prospective clients/employers can get a sense of my skills.

If you are interested in hiring me, feel free to look over my source for yourself. This site is a straight-forward mostly-static site built from scratch. I build my CSS with SCSS and use Gulp to concatonate files, minify them, etc. The site is served with a (very) simple Express.js server.


This site is free to browse. If you wish to use any of my SCSS, CSS, HTML, or Javascript, I only ask that you credit me in the footer of the site/application you are working on with a link to http://millansingh.com. Please make sure the credit uses the same font size as the rest of your body copy and describe the link, for example: "Some CSS used was made by Millan Singh, please check him out here: hhtp://millansingh.io".

The images used on this site are the exclusive copyright of Millan Singh unless owned by another party. Do not use them in any project you work on, please.