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EIN -- Emacs IPython Notebook Build Status MELPA current version

Kaggle Notebooks in AWS

Emacs IPython Notebook (EIN), despite its name, is a jupyter client for all languages. It does not work under non-WSL Windows environments.

No require statements, e.g. (require 'ein), are necessary, contrary to the prevailing documentation, which should be disregarded.

Org users please find ob-ein, a jupyter Babel backend.

AWS GCE (Preview) integration is in alpha.

EIN was originally written by [tkf]. A jupyter Babel backend was first introduced by [gregsexton].


As described in Getting started, ensure melpa's whereabouts in init.el or .emacs:

(add-to-list 'package-archives '("melpa" . ""))


M-x package-refresh-contents RET
M-x package-install RET ein RET

Alternatively, directly clone this repo and make install.


Start EIN using ONE of the following:

  • Open an .ipynb file, press C-c C-o, or,
  • M-x ein:run launches a jupyter process from emacs, or,
  • M-x ein:login to a running jupyter server, or,
  • [Jupyterhub] M-x ein:login to any of
    •, or,
  • [Preview] To run on AWS or GCE, open an .ipynb file, press C-c C-r. See AWS GCE (Preview).

M-x ein:stop prompts to halt local and remote jupyter services.

Alternatively, ob-ein.


How do I...

... report a bug?

Note EIN is tested only for released GNU Emacs versions 25.1 and later. Pre-release versions will not work.

First try emacs -Q -f package-initialize -f ein:dev-start-debug and reproduce the bug. The -Q skips any user configuration that might interfere with EIN.

Then file an issue using M-x ein:dev-bug-report-template.

... display images inline?

We find inserting images into emacs disruptive, and so default to spawning an external viewer. To override this,

M-x customize-group RET ein
Ein:Output Area Inlined Images
... configure the external image viewer?
M-x customize-group RET mailcap
Mailcap User Mime Data

On a typical Linux system, one might configure a viewer for MIME Type image/png as a shell command convert %s -background white -alpha remove -alpha off - | display -immutable.

... get IDE-like behavior?
The official python module for EIN is elpy, installed separately. Other program modes for non-python kernels may be installed with varying degrees of EIN compatibility.
... render LaTeX?
The official LaTeX module for EIN is math-preview, installed separately.
... send expressions from a python buffer to a running kernel?
Unpublicized keybindings exclusively for the Python language C-c C-/ e and C-c C-/ r send the current statement or region respectively to a running kernel. If the region is not set, C-c C-/ r sends the entire buffer. You must manually inspect the *ein:shared output* buffer for errors.



M-x customize-group RET org-babel
Org Babel Load Languages:
  Insert (ein . t)
  For example, '((emacs-lisp . t) (ein . t))


#+BEGIN_SRC ein-python :session localhost
  import numpy, math, matplotlib.pyplot as plt
  %matplotlib inline
  x = numpy.linspace(0, 2*math.pi)
  plt.plot(x, numpy.sin(x))

The :session is the notebook url, e.g., http://localhost:8888/my.ipynb, or simply localhost, in which case org evaluates anonymously. A port may also be specified, e.g., localhost:8889.

Language can be ein-python, ein-r, or ein-julia. The relevant jupyter kernel must be installed before use. Additional languages can be configured via:

M-x customize-group RET ein
Ob Ein Languages

AWS GCE (Preview)

M-x customize-option RET ein:gat-vendor

From a notebook or raw ipynb buffer, M-x ein:gat-run-remote opens the notebook on an AWS spot or GCE preemptible instance. You must M-x ein:stop or exit emacs to stop incurring charges!

M-x ein:gat-run-remote-batch runs the notebook in batch mode.

Results appear in the run-remote directory.

See dickmao/Kaggler for examples of importing Kaggle datasets.

See gat usage for information about the gat utility.

Keymap (C-h m)

Key             Binding
C-<down>     ein:worksheet-goto-next-input-km
C-<up>               ein:worksheet-goto-prev-input-km
M-S-<return> ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-insert-below-km
M-<down>     ein:worksheet-not-move-cell-down-km
M-<up>               ein:worksheet-not-move-cell-up-km

C-x C-s              ein:notebook-save-notebook-command-km
C-x C-w              ein:notebook-rename-command-km

M-RET                ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next-km
M-,          ein:pytools-jump-back-command
M-.          ein:pytools-jump-to-source-command

C-c C-a              ein:worksheet-insert-cell-above-km
C-c C-b              ein:worksheet-insert-cell-below-km
C-c C-c              ein:worksheet-execute-cell-km
C-u C-c C-c                  ein:worksheet-execute-all-cells
C-c C-e              ein:worksheet-toggle-output-km
C-c C-f              ein:file-open-km
C-c C-k              ein:worksheet-kill-cell-km
C-c C-l              ein:worksheet-clear-output-km
C-c RET              ein:worksheet-merge-cell-km
C-c C-n              ein:worksheet-goto-next-input-km
C-c C-o              ein:notebook-open-km
C-c C-p              ein:worksheet-goto-prev-input-km
C-c C-q              ein:notebook-kill-kernel-then-close-command-km
C-c C-r              ein:notebook-reconnect-session-command-km
C-c C-s              ein:worksheet-split-cell-at-point-km
C-c C-t              ein:worksheet-toggle-cell-type-km
C-c C-u              ein:worksheet-change-cell-type-km
C-c C-v              ein:worksheet-set-output-visibility-all-km
C-c C-w              ein:worksheet-copy-cell-km
C-c C-y              ein:worksheet-yank-cell-km
C-c C-z              ein:notebook-kernel-interrupt-command-km
C-c C-S-l    ein:worksheet-clear-all-output-km
C-c C-#              ein:notebook-close-km
C-c C-$              ein:tb-show-km
C-c C-/              ein:notebook-scratchsheet-open-km
C-c C-;              ein:shared-output-show-code-cell-at-point-km
C-c <down>   ein:worksheet-move-cell-down-km
C-c <up>     ein:worksheet-move-cell-up-km

C-c C-x C-r  ein:notebook-restart-session-command-km

C-c M-w              ein:worksheet-copy-cell-km

This is a minor mode.  If called interactively, toggle the
‘Ein:Notebook mode’ mode.  If the prefix argument is positive,
enable the mode, and if it is zero or negative, disable the mode.

If called from Lisp, toggle the mode if ARG is ‘toggle’.  Enable
the mode if ARG is nil, omitted, or is a positive number.
Disable the mode if ARG is a negative number.

To check whether the minor mode is enabled in the current buffer,
evaluate ‘ein:notebook-mode’.

The mode’s hook is called both when the mode is enabled and when
it is disabled.