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// ILSimSKTiers.h
// SimStoreKit
// Created by ∞ on 02/02/10.
// Copyright 2010 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import "ILSimStoreKit.h"
#if kILSimAllowSimulatedStoreKit
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
// The string values of these constants are the currency codes just after the _ (for example, @"USD" for kILSimStorefront_USD).
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_EUR;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_NZD;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_DKK;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_AUD;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_MXP;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_CAD;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_USD;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_JPY;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_GBP;
extern NSString* const kILSimStorefront_NOK;
extern NSString* ILSimSKCurrentStorefront();
extern void ILSimSKSetCurrentStorefront(NSString* s);
extern NSDictionary* ILSimSKAllTierPricesByStorefront();
extern NSDecimalNumber* ILSimSKPriceAtTierForCurrentStorefront(NSUInteger index);
extern NSLocale* ILSimSKLocaleForCurrentStorefront();
#endif // #if kILSimAllowSimulatedStoreKit
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