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// ILSimSKPaymentTransaction.h
// SimStoreKit
// Created by ∞ on 02/02/10.
// Copyright 2010 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import "ILSimStoreKit.h"
#if kILSimAllowSimulatedStoreKit
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "ILSimSKPayment.h"
enum {
kILSimSKPaymentTransactionStatePurchasing, // Transaction is being added to the server queue.
kILSimSKPaymentTransactionStatePurchased, // Transaction is in queue, user has been charged. Client should complete the transaction.
kILSimSKPaymentTransactionStateFailed, // Transaction was cancelled or failed before being added to the server queue.
kILSimSKPaymentTransactionStateRestored // Transaction was restored from user's purchase history. Client should complete the transaction.
typedef NSInteger ILSimSKPaymentTransactionState;
@interface ILSimSKPaymentTransaction : NSObject {
NSError* error;
ILSimSKPaymentTransaction* originalTransaction;
ILSimSKPayment* payment;
NSDate* transactionDate;
NSString* transactionIdentifier;
NSData* transactionReceipt;
ILSimSKPaymentTransactionState transactionState;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSError* error;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, retain) ILSimSKPaymentTransaction* originalTransaction;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) ILSimSKPayment* payment;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSDate* transactionDate;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSString* transactionIdentifier;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, copy) NSData* transactionReceipt;
@property(nonatomic, readonly, assign) ILSimSKPaymentTransactionState transactionState;
#endif // #if kILSimAllowSimulatedStoreKit
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