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@@ -98,6 +98,28 @@ setHashSilently('lorem/ipsum'); //set hash value without dispatching changed eve
+### Setting hash value without generating a new history record
+Hasher also contains the method `replaceHash()`. It works very similarly to the
+`setHash()` method (will also dispatch a `changed` signal), the main difference
+it that it won't keep the **previous** hash on the history record (similar to
+`location.replace()`). It's useful for redirections and any other change that
+shouldn't be on the browser history.
+function onHasherInit(curHash){
+ if (curHash == '') {
+ // redirect to "home" hash without keeping the empty hash on the history
+ hasher.replaceHash('home');
+ }
+hasher.changed.add(console.log, console); // log all hashes
### Routes: Using Hasher together with Crossroads.js ###
Hasher is only focused on providing a reliable and clear API for setting hash values and

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