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My Basic Project Boilerplate

Starting point for some of my projects. Already includes libraries and files that I use often and some boilerplate code. This structure is targetted for mid-size to large projects (10K+ JS LOC, 2K+ CSS LOC)

You should consider using HTML5 Boilerplate instead of my boilerplate since it's broadly used, have proper documentation, lots of contributors, etc... The only reason I'm not using it is because it doesn't fit my current workflow.. - I like AMD modules and been using RequireJS optimizer to combine my JavaScript and CSS files, I'm also splitting my CSS across multiple files and have a base CSS framework that I use on most projects. Even if I used HTML5 Boilerplate I would still need to spend some time tweaking it for my needs so it's better to just treat it as a separate thing...

Not sure how far I will keep using this structure and even if this repository makes any sense since I'm constantly changing things and every project have different needs but I used a similar structure on the past few projects and it worked really well... Maybe I will even create different branches for different kinds of projects and some sample JS code for the core structure of single page apps and normal HTML sites. - let's see how things goes...

Use it with care and don't take it too serious.

PS: It doesn't come with any server settings files, use html5-bolierplate server configs

PS2: I'm borrowing many things from HTML5 Boilerplate but some things are just coincidence, I will try to give credits whenever possible and copy some useful stuff that is still missing (like optimizing images), but will try to keep it simple.



master branch have a "basic" folder structure with almost no JS for the application logic (just some basic configuration settings).


spa stands for "single page app", and contain a base structure for single page apps and some example code with lots of comments explaining how to use the sectionController module to load/init/dispose sections as needed and how it can simplify the logic on large projects.

This branch is used more as an example to friends/coworkers and a sandbox for changes on the sectionController logic/structure than an actual starting point.


Uses dojo instead of jQuery and shows how to setup r.js and paths to load dojo modules. Not being updated as often as other branches...

Files/Folder Structure

Since it is common to have multiple "apps" and many developers working for the same project/client I create a new folder for each "app" like site, mobile, facebook_tab, iphone_app, video_player, etc..

|~deploy/               - Distribution files (content generated after build)
`~dev/                  - Development files
  `~site/                   - App (create sibling folders for each new app of the same project)
    |~_build/                   - Files used on the build process
    | |+closure/                    - Google Closure compiler
    | |+rhino/                      - Mozilla Rhino
    | |+rjs/                        - r.js (RequireJS) optimizer
    | |            - Build settings
    | |-css_build.js                - CSS optimization settings
    | `-js_build.js                 - JS optimization settings
    |~content/                  - Dynamic content like images, videos, etc. (simulate CMS or CDN)
    |~css/                      - Stylesheets
    | |+basis/                      - Basis.css framework
    | |+core/                       - Core strucure and generic classes/styles
    | |+fonts/                      - Webfonts
    | |+sections/                   - Style specific to each section/page/template
    | | `-home.css                      - Home page styles (create one file per section/page/template)
    | |+widgets/                    - Widgets/components styles
    | `-main.css                    - Main stylesheet (loaded by all pages)
    |~img/                      - Image files (only images used by CSS)
    | |~core                        - Images shared by multiple sections (logo, bg, etc..)
    | `~home                        - Images used by the home page (create one folder per section/page/template)
    |~js/                       - Scripts
    | |+core/                       - Core structure
    | |+lib/                        - 3rd-party libraries
    | |+sections/                   - Scripts specific to each section/page/template
    | |+widgets/                    - Components/Widgets (can be shared by multiple sections)
    | `-main.js                     - Entry-point for whole App (usually the only script in js folder)
    |~rest/                     - REST services
    |-.jshintrc                 - node-jshint settings
    |-.livereload               - Livereload settings
    |-build.xml                 - Ant build script
    `-index.html                - Base HTML file


This structure may be overkill for simple projects, there is no need to split CSS and JS into multiple files if your files aren that big. I usually try to keep my JS source files under 200 LOC and CSS under 300 LOC, to avoid scrolling and also to split things by concerns (making it easier to understand and maintain).

If you are coding a simple project consider deleting child folders of css/ and using normalize.css instead of basis.css - basis is only really helpful for large projects with many unique templates or if your project wouldn't benefit that much from base styles for each tag.


This project uses Apache Ant for the build process. Install Ant and run:

cd dev/site
ant deploy

This will delete all files inside the deploy/site folder, merge/update/compress source files and copy output to deploy/site folder.

The only reason why I'm not using Node.js for the build step is because it is hard to install it on Windows, different versions may have different API, and Ant is already integrated into some IDEs, so it is easier for other devs to use it and find info on the web. - Most times that I wanted to do something different using Ant I just had to search "thing that I want Ant task" and Google gave me the proper result...

Updating 3rd-party libs

The boilerplate uses many third-party libs (jQuery, RequireJS, amd-utils, mustache.js, hasher, crossroads, js-signals, etc...) to update them run:


Beware that it will delete/replace the old files, use with caution. I recommend even deleting the file after first update to avoid problems.

Not using git submodules or sparse checkout since they aren't flexible enough, most repositories have lots of test files and other stuff that isn't needed...

I was going to create an Ant task to update the libs (so it would run on windows as well) but the bash script is way more concise and I don't think anyone else is using these files anyway.


Released under the WTFPL.