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My Modular JavaScript Library

IMPORTANT: This Library is on an EARLY ALPHA state, the API is constantly changing.

A good part of this library will be refactored and moved over to the mout repository or to the requirejs-plugins repository, be sure to check them as well.

Code here may depend on modules from mout and other third-party libraries, run git submodule init and git submodule update after cloning the repository.


This is a collection of JavaScript classes/helpers/methods/modules created for personal use.

It was created to be used when only some specific features are required avoiding the use of a full bloated framework when it isn't really necessary and also to provide features that aren't present on other libs. Some modules depends on third-party libraries to work tho.

Files are written in the AMD module format and require an AMD loader and/or optimizer to work, I recommend RequireJS.

Main goals:

  • be modular;
  • be clear;
  • be easy to debug;
  • be easy to maintain;
  • follow best practices;
  • follow standards when possible;
  • don't convert JavaScript into another language!
  • be compatible with other frameworks;
  • be simple;
  • be small;


  • This Library is on an EARLY ALPHA state and no proper testing was made (bugs are expected).
  • The API, packages and coding conventions are not totally defined yet. (Files/Folders may disappear. APIs may change. Things may break.)
  • All code here is released under the MIT License unless otherwise noted.
  • I don't give any kind of support on how to use these files.
  • Almost everything is a work in progress.
  • This library is only intended to work on well-formed HTML files, it won't be tested on quirks mode.
  • Some functionalities may not work properly on specific mobile devices.
  • I will probably only test the code on the latest non-beta version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and also IE7+.
  • Probably It will never have most of the features that exist on the major frameworks.
  • Some code may not work "as is" since I'm constantly making changes on the structure without testing it.
  • Some modules may never be used for production and not even tested.
  • Some modules may only work for a specific browser/environment.

Should I use it?

This library was designed for intermediate to advanced JavaScript developers, if you're starting with JavaScript development I recommend using a framework that you can easily find tutorials on the internet and that has a active development community, such as dojo toolkit, YUI, jQuery and MooTools.

Use it if you are feeling adventurous and know how to fix bugs. Until now it doesn't have any unit tests for most of the code and structure is being changed without running it on the browser or any other environment even once. I'm improving it based on my needs and fixing bugs when I need that feature.

This library was created mainly to be used on small to medium web sites and to be a starting point and/or reference to other implementations.

© Miller Medeiros