Distribute browser version signals via npm as well #23

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I use npm to manage many of my client packages so if you distribute the browser based version of js-signals via NPM that would be great. No biggie though and thanks for this great lib!


not sure how to do that.. do you have any example of another project that does what you want? I also didn't understood how do you use the NPM files for the browser..

The easiest way that I can think right now is to change the closure wrapper and use the same version for browser and Node... something like this:

  exports.signals = signals;
}((typeof module !== 'undefined' && module.exports? module.exports : null) || window || this));

But I'm trying to avoid adding complex wrappers, specially like this one, that's why I created 3 different files.


ohh... now I realized that you just want to keep the regular version of signals inside the package and I excluded it using the .npmignore file...

still not sure how are you using the files and if it makes sense to keep the whole /dist folder since npm is target only for node...

@millermedeiros millermedeiros added a commit that closed this issue Jun 7, 2011
@millermedeiros renamed dist files, closes #22. and updated npmignore to distribute a…
…ll version through npm, closes #23.
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