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showdown version #15

andreineculau opened this Issue Jul 3, 2012 · 4 comments

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Would be good to switch between the GFMarkdown and the pure Markdown.
One annoying thing is automatic-links which makes it impossible to have

because the content of the A tag will be replaced with another A tag with href


sorry for the long delay on this one, since mdoc is working for my needs I kinda neglected this project. I will try to integrate it on the next release. Thanks for the feedback.


I think the best option would be enable a custom markdown parser.. something like:

  inputDir: 'doc',
  outputDir: 'doc_html',
  parser: require('showdown')

and also:

mdoc -i doc -o doc_html -p some_cli_mdown_parser

which would call process.exec('some_cli_mdown_parser') passing the raw string.

Pull requests are highly appreciated.

Kreozot commented Oct 26, 2015

Look like this issue can be closed since now we have an option to use another markdown parser.

@Kreozot Kreozot closed this Oct 26, 2015
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