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JUMP.WTF Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
I'm not a lawyer, so this document is non-exhaustive. It may be updated from
time to time. You can email me at with any questions or
1) Quality of Service
This website is intended for sharing web URLs and files; it is not a
backup service. Do not use it to store your sole copies of data.
URLs or files submitted to JUMP.WTF may be removed at any time without
notification. However, if you lose data that was previously available on
JUMP.WTF, feel free to email me in case I have a backup copy. There is no
guarantee made that a backup will be retained.
Files and URLs are not screened prior to link generation, so it is
possible that users may use JUMP.WTF to attempt to distribute malicious
content. Following a JUMP.WTF link does not protect you in any way from the
content hosted at the long form link, nor does it protect you in any way from
files uploaded to JUMP.WTF by users.
If you want to screen a shortened URL before visiting it in your browser,
you can use the API to un-shorten it. For example, to un-shorten the shortened
URL "", you can visit the following URL:
2) Liability
JUMP.WTF does not host content that is submitted as a URL, but only
redirects to the long-form URL. Any files hosted by JUMP.WTF are submitted
by users.
You are solely responsible for any URLs or files that you choose to
submit, or choose to send to another person. If I receieve any complaint
regarding content hosted at a JUMP.WTF URL or as a file on JUMP.WTF, it may be
removed. By uploading a URL or file, you agree that you have the rights to do
so. Attempting any sort of malicious submission or tampering with the provided
services revokes your right to submit URLs or files.
Likewise, if you learn of a malicious or illegal URL or file
that has been submitted, contact me at with the ID of the
offending content, and it will be immediately removed should your complaint
be valid.
3) Privacy
When you submit a URL or file, that data is stored on AWS servers.
The data is not encrypted, so it should be considered public storage.
If you opt to submit an optional password for future deletion, a
hashed version of that password will be stored.
I may periodically check logs of files uplodaded and URLs generated to
assess the site activity, but this data will never be sold or transferred
to any other third party, with the exception of a situation in which I am
legally required to. No other identifying information is ever stored.
When you submit a URL or file, your browser temporarily stores a
cookie with some information that you just submitted, to make it easier for
you to use the site. It's not used to track you.
When you submit a URL or file, a unique URL in the form of, where 'x' represents a letter or number, and there may be any
number of characters. It is possible that by guessing random characters, a
person could find your content. If this is a concern, you can email me, and I
can assign your content a longer URL that will be essentially impossible to
I may use tools to investigate what a URL points to, and may check
files or links that have been submitted, if I determine that a link requires
investigation for any reason. I do not receive notification of link creation.
If you decide at a later time that you wish to delete submitted
content, but you did not set a password or do not remember the password, you
may contact me, and it will be deleted if you are able to prove that you
submitted the content.
4) Hidden Service
JUMP.WTF is provided both at the internet address
and at the Tor network address http://jumpwtfbk44aa37y.onion, so that Tor
may be used to generate links if surveillance is a concern. Use of the
hidden service does not imply any additional guarantee of fitness of service.
Files uploaded through the hidden service are still uploaded to AWS over the
normal channels, and generated links are stored on AWS databases.