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Nginx SSL/TLS Configuration

This is mostly here just so that I don't have to go hunt down the recommended Nginx configuration whenever I set up a new server. It can be cloned into the /etc/nginx/ directory.

The file site-ssl.conf is intended to be included in the configuration wherever a server that uses SSL is defined, such as in /etc/nginx/sites-available/

server {
    include /etc/nginx/nginx-ssl-conf/site-ssl.conf;

An example is present in the file itself. The paths are set up as if the certificates and keys are produced by Letsencrypt, but they can be modified for different paths.


I am not a security professional, so do not use this configuration in production. There may be errors in the configuration that at best prevent Nginx from starting and at worst create a vulnerability in your server.


The following pages were borrowed from: