Logstash-Forwarder Docker Image
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Logstash-Forwarder Docker Image

Logstash Forwarder Docker Image for logstash/elasticsearch logging deployments. Build from official logstash-forwarder repo and locked to release v0.4.0.
Image was stripped down from not needed packages and from being ~650M now it's only ~335M

SSL Certificates and Log Files

Logstash server ssl certificates need to be placed in /etc/logstash/ssl/ directory.

Default config is set to read system.log file from /data/log/system.log.
Example of sharing system log with docker image.

-v /var/log/system.log:/data/log/system.log

Logstash IP (Environmental Variable)

$LOGSTASH_IP environmental variable with IP address to logstash server.


Run on the same host as logstash server

docker run \
-d --name forwarder \
-e LOGSTASH_IP=logstash_server_ip \
-v /var/log/system.log:/data/log/system.log \ 
-v /etc/logstash/ssl:/logstash/ssl \

FYI: Certificates should match logstash server certificates.


If you need to log more than just system.log please edit forwarder.conf file according the logstash/forwarder manual.

Otherwise you can mount the directory with your host specific forwarder.conf using command -v.
-v /your-dir:/etc/forwarder/


Author: Marcin Ryzycki (marcin@m12.io)
Author: Przemyslaw Ozgo (linux@ozgo.info)

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