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Sassy Sinatra

Sass is awesome, but unfortunately Sinatra doesn't come with support out the box. Therefore we can make use of Sinatra AssetPack, this will allow the live compiling of Sass as well as formats such as Coffeescript for JavaScript.

require 'sinatra/base'
require 'sinatra/assetpack'
require 'sass'

class App < Sinatra::Base
  register Sinatra::AssetPack
  assets do
    css :main, [
    css_compression :sass

  get '/?' do
    erb :index

if __FILE__ == $0!

The above example is a pretty standard Sinatra modular application apart from the additions of register Sinatra::AssetPack and the assets block. Within the assets block we're defining css, calling it "main" and listing an array of css files. Obviously we want the reset to load first so this is explicitly defined, we then add a wildcard for all other files. Sinatra AssetPack file paths are relative to an "app" directory, therefore your Sass files would be in /app/css/style.sass.

Within the <head> of your layout.erb file you can add <%= css :main %> which will load in the css files. On development this will be as separate uncompressed files, on production they will all be compresses into a single css file. All Sass syntax is converted in css on the fly.

You'll find the full example app on Github and also the working copy on Heroku.

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