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Objective-C C++ C Shell


kbhook2			Keyboard Logger for iPhone 4
takePicture		Take photo of front camera using command line
sms2			Forwards incoming sms to 3rd party mobile
mic1			Record microphone on iPhone for 30 seconds
whatsapp1		Intercept incoming and outgoing whatsapp messages and forward to external email
location1		Sends GPS location to email at x interval
screenCapture1		Takes screenshot of current screen
evil_gf_attack		Shell script that monitors for iphone connection and then plant malicious binaries onto iphone and copy out sqlite3 databases from iphone containing private information
demoScreenCapture1	Demo to show hooking of UI classes in iOS and sceencapture each individual view of the iPhone enterprise app.  The user could be viewing emails via the iPhone app that is encrypted and secure

For a demo and instructions on how to run evil_gf_attack, please check out and
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