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// 7segment display part to be built on makerbots.. a cheap part commonly available can still be rebuilt
// with unique size, material, and color, for interesting effect
// r. miloh alexander, may, 2011
7seg_size = 50; // the controlling variable of this design, typically the largest variable
g_ratio = 1.61803; // the golden ratio
x_ratio = 0.8; //multiplier tacked onto the generation of the inner occlusion square
led_size = 5; // for sizing parts to fit different leds
surface_thickness=1.4; //2 z layers is ~0.8 and its kind of cool but generally too thin w/o extra diffusion
inside_height=8; // total extrusion height
wall_size = 2.7; // parmetizing the 7seg to keep wall size from increasing with arbitrary 7seg sizes
outside_wall_modifier = 1.05; // offset to fix problems...
led_socket_ratio = 2.3; // led sockets
// some arrays
base_array = [7seg_size/g_ratio,7seg_size/2]; // used to create a section of 3.5 segments for a 7seg
wall_array = [wall_size,wall_size]; // used to determine wall size
// call up the part
// comment the following line out if you just want the enclosure
//comment the following out if you just want the internals light barrier
translate([0,7seg_size/4,0]) seven_segments_box();
// modules
module seven_segments_box(){
translate([0,0,surface_thickness/2]) cube([7seg_size/g_ratio,7seg_size,surface_thickness],center=true);
// this module builds the outside of the 7segment part
module enclosure(){
square([7seg_size/g_ratio,7seg_size]*outside_wall_modifier, center=true);
// this module extrudes the 2D layout modules below
module seven_segments(){
linear_extrude (height=inside_height)seven_segments_flat();
// this module duplicates the top_segments module to make the complete 2D layout of the inner part of a 7seg
module seven_segments_flat(){
// this module creates the 2D X shaped layout with inner square
module top_segments(){
square((base_array/g_ratio)*x_ratio,center=true); // change this to a polygon with cutouts for leds...
hype =sqrt (pow((7seg_size/(2*g_ratio)),2) + pow((7seg_size)/4,2));
bar =2* (hype);
angle= 2.25*atan(1/(2*g_ratio));
echo (str(angle));
module led_socket(){
cylinder(h = led_size,r1=led_size/2*led_socket_ratio, r2=led_size/2,$fa=1,$fs=0.2);
translate([0,0,0]) cylinder(h = led_size, r=led_size/2,$fa=1,$fs=0.2);