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A Brief Introduction

Reverie Framework is an extremely versatile HTML5 WordPress framework based on ZURB's Foundation, a powerful tool for building prototypes on any kind of devices. Reverie follows HTML5 Boilerplate standard and is hNews microformat ready. It is optimized for Search Engine while at the same time improves readability.

It is extremely easy to create your blog, CMS, brochure and any other kind of sites with Reverie. You can see some samples on ZURB and how they make these prototypes. Did I just mention Reverie works well with bbPress 2.0 and BuddyPress 1.5 even without styling?

Links of Reverie

Learn more about Foundation

What are the Features?

Reverie Framework inherits all the cool features from Foundation, and packs with several other interesting features to optimize the experience for WordPress and HTML5. Including customized output for WordPress menus and caption. You can view the features list by scrolling down.

Reverie utilizes Foundation's grid to implement layouts. It is quite easy to start building your own layouts (like this page). You can read Foundation's documentation for how to implement these cool features.

Basic Features

  • HTML5 Boilerplate standard and is hNews microformat ready.
  • Optimized for SEO.
  • Basic CSS included, you can also use it as a finished theme.
  • Foundation files are separate, you can update Foundation without any problems. Of course, is is always a good idea to have some backups.

WordPress Features

  • Clean image HTML output for TinyMCE, only class and alt are returned. Post title will be automatically used for alt.
  • Custom menu output for ZURB's sub nav.
  • Custom caption output for HTML5 figure and figcaption tags.
  • Custom filter for images, will automatically wrap images with figure tag.
  • Two Widget: sidebar and footer.
  • Two menus: top navigation menu and footer information menu.
  • Template structure inspired by Roots. Separated loops from templates, for better WordPress practice.
  • bbPress.php included, compatible with bbPress 2.0. Looks good even without styling. Visit ThemeFortress forum for * example.
  • Several custom page templates are included in the package. A folder named custom is used for storing all your custom page templates. You can share your custom templates in the forum.
  • Looks good but what if you don't need these features? Sure, you can turn them off.


Thanks to the generosity of George from PressTrends, Reverie Framework is using the service to track the usage of the framework and help us to improve it. Of course, you can always disable it by removing it from functions.php.

What about Mobile Devices?

Positive. With the power of Foundation, Reverie uses media query to adjust for all kinds of devices, including phones, tablets and computers. Reverie is also optimized for iPhone and iPad. Icons and loading images will be display when you save your website as a Home Screen app (example in the above image). Add this page to Home Screen on any iOS devices to see what I mean.

You can resize this page to see how Reverie responses according to different browser resolutions. Furthermore, to extend the flexibility of Reverie, I have a forum specifically for users to contribute their own layouts and exchanges ideas.


Reverie is a WordPress framework created by ThemeFortress, a WordPress blog that focus on theme design and plugins.

Please note Reverie Framework is under MIT License, the same as Foundation.

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