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Please note Reverie 4 was built from groud up (almost), as well as Foundation, thus there is no easy way to upgrade from prior version. Read more about the release on [ThemeFortress]( And start with this version, Reverie will only support the latest and second latest WordPress. Why, [Yoast]( explains it well.
+Still, if you want to get Reverie 3 (based on Foundation 3.2), you can find it at our [last Reverie 3 commit](
By default, Foundation 4 was packed with jQuery 1.9.1, that's why Reverie loads Google's jQuery library by deregistering WordPress's bundled version. This is a really "bad" practice and it is my duty to point out. If you encounter any jQuery problems with some of your plugins, like Lightbox, the reason may be the jQuery. Note that Google's library is not nonConflit mode, and in this case, you can do a quick fix as below.
@@ -36,6 +38,12 @@ Reverie 4 supports child theme but need a simple step to activate. Check out the
* Documentation:
* GitHub:
+###Derivatives of Reverie###
+There are contributors, developers who loves Reverie and created other versions. If you are one of them, send me a link.
+* [Leonard Bogdonoff]( ZURB introduced a [standalone]( solution of Foundation 4 Sass (under Using Sass Standalone heading). Leonard has a beautiful solution.
What are the Features?
Reverie Framework inherits all the cool features from Foundation, and packs with several other interesting features to optimize the experience for WordPress and HTML5. Including customized output for WordPress menus and caption. You can view the features list by scrolling down.

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