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Narga commented Jun 12, 2012

Today, when I posting a new topic with Reverie, I found that Wordpress's image caption shortcode can't parse like origin theme. When I insert a image with caption from media modal box, it's only a tag and image tag without [caption] code. I've check the functions.php then I known the image caption was rewrote for HTML5, that's great but the editor only add simple image with link.
Sorry for this mess content, I'm writing with on-screen keyboard because my laptop's keyboard has a problem.


I believe caption tags are stripped, check in functions.php


Looks like the tags were stripped by the HTML5 function. You need to do a workaround for adding caption. First insert the image, and then click the image and choose "edit image" to add caption. In this way, it works. Or you can just remove those functions (image_tag_class and cleaner_caption) in functions.php.

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