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*Bravo 0.4.0 (March 21, 2011)*
* Auth service URL is now part of the config [miloops]
*Bravo 0.3.6 (March 14, 2011)*
* Hash extensions play nice with Rails 2.3 ruby 1.9 [miloops]
*Bravo 0.3.5 (March 11, 2011)* (in version 0.3.5 this is listed as 0.4.0)
* Errors will be raised if CERT or PKEY are not present [miloops]
* Removed various hardcoded options [leanucci]
* Added support for more iva conditions [miloops]
* Log verbosity switch [leanucci]
* Better spec coverage
*Bravo 0.3.0 (March 07, 2011)*
* Bill#response returns the full list of parameters passed and returned by FECAESolicitar [leanucci]
*Bravo 0.2.0 (March 04, 2011)*
* Bill#response returns a complete hash from WSFE response [leanucci]
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