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2008-09-07 hemant kumar <>
* Fix environment loading issues.
* Patch by Kieran P for disabling persistent job queue and its polling.
* Commit patch by P Baker, related to scheduling a persistent task at specified time. For example:
MiddleMan(:hello_worker).enq_some_task(:arg => "hello_world",
:job_key => "boy",:scheduled_at => ( + 1.hour))
2008-06-19 hemant kumar <>
* Make binary parser iterative and hence won't blow your stack
* Add run_concurrent
* Let parent sleep for a while when forking the bdrb master process.
* Fixed issue with fork. BackgrounDRb now uses fork and exec.
2008-02-28 hemant kumar <hemant@shire>
* fixed some meory leaks.
* Implemented cleaner API for invoking tasks in workers
* Updated the documentation
2008-02-25 hemant kumar <hemant@shire>
* Commited Patch by Alex which lets BackgrounDRb to have command line arguments and loading of specific environments
through command line argument.
2008-02-14 hemant kumar <hemant@shire>
* Added TestCases for Cron Triggers, Meta Workers and stuff. We are heading towards proper code coverage with specs.
* Added preliminary support for starting a worker on demand through scheduler. What it means is, when you have a worker which is getting
scheduled very less frequently and you don't want the worker to persist, you can ask BackgrounDRb to restart the worker on each schedule.
* Fixed some unreported issues with writing data to socket between workers and stuff.
* Fixed issues with too many open connections, because connections were not getting closed. BackgrounDRb now opens only one connection, which is
reused throughout the lifecycle of rails application.
* Fixed all outstanding issues with Cron triggers, BackgrounDRb now explicitly depends on "chronic" gem.
* Removed Framework directory and BackgrounDRb now explicitly depends on packet gem.