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# A Sample YAML configuration file
:ip: #ip on which backgroundrb server is running
:port: 11006 #port on which backgroundrb server is running
:environment: production # rails environment loaded, defaults to development
:debug_log: true # whether to print debug logs to a seperate worker, defaults to true
:log: foreground # will print log messages to STDOUT, defaults to seperate log worker
:result_storage: memcache # store results in a mecache cluster, you also need to specify location of your memcache clusters in next section
:persistent_disabled: false # turn this off if your application doesn't use backgroundrb's persistent/enqueued tasks system
:persistent_delay: 10 # the time (seconds) between each time backgroundrb checks the database for enqueued tasks
:memcache: "," #=> location of memcache clusters separated by comma
# following section is totally optional, and only useful if you are trying to cluster of backgroundrb server
# if you do not specify this section backgroundrb will assume that, from rails you are connecting to the
# backgroundrb server which has been specified in previous section
:client: ","
# You specify your worker schedules here
:foo_worker: # worker name
:barbar: #worker method
:trigger_args: */5 * * * * * * #worker schedule
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