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Simple plugin to share pages with most popular social sites.
At the moment, the following APIs are supported:
- Facebook
- Digg
- MySpace
- StumbleUpon
After install the plugin run the following rake task to setup assets used by ShareThis:
rake share_this:setup
And remember to include ShareThis stylesheet in your views using share_this method.
The following will render in the view the links to share the current page with the defaults settings of ShareThis.
<%= share_this %>
self-explanatory example:
<%= share_this(:include => [:facebook, :digg], :discard_image => true,
:url => article_path(article),
:title => article.title) %>
Discarding the images is also possible:
<%= share_this(:discard_image => true) %>
- Improve documentation
- Remove document.title and javascript when getting the page title with Rails becomes possible.
- Add more APIs.
Feedback? Comments? Bugs? Drop me a line to miloops (at) gmail (dot) com
Copyright (c) 2008 Emilio Tagua, released under the MIT license
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