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Learning WASM
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This repo contains various samples of programs I hacked when learning about WASM.


In order to get something meaningful out of following the cruft stored in this repo you need to install some software on your workstation first:

  • CMake version 3.2 or higher (homebrew formula/package is available for macOS users)
  • You need to install WABT: The WebAssembly Binary Toolkit
  • You need to install Emscripten Toolkit
  • You need to install Rust and its toolchain
  • You need to install nodejs (yes, JavaScript headaches will inevitably ensue)
  • You need a browser which supports WASM. In my case that's firefox which has WASM enabled by default in version 52+


The toolkit contains some annoying git submodules so you need to clone the repo recursively

git clone --recursive
cd wabt

You can install the built wabt tools by running

make install

On macOS these are installed into /usr/local/bin.


The guide available on the URL mentioned above is pretty straightforward; I'm adding the list of commands here so I dont have to browse through and open "hundreds" of browser tabs:

git clone
cd emsdk
./emsdk install latest
./emsdk activate latest
source ./


The repo is structured into multiple subdirectories each containing some playground code written in some programming language; clang has source code written in C, rust in Rust etc.

Each subdirectory has a list of steps how to build and run the code so you should be able to just follow the guide step by step.

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