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City of Milwaukee Parking Violations - 2012 Edition

This data was obtained via opens records request in the Spring of 2013. The source of the data is the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works.

[Contact MDI for details or to get involved!] (

License Information

This information was obtained via an open records request to the City of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works. Please use for legal purposes and to hopefully do some good. :)

We take ownership of this data and allow it to be publicly used, but we aren't responsible for how you use it or what happens when you use it.

Suggestions on Use

This data could be helpful in identifying certain patterns or high-risk areas for car-drivers. Some ideas for use include:

  • Analyzing what time of day or day of the week is most likely to incur violations
  • Finding which streets or blocks are most ticketed
  • Combining this data with the aldermanic district or neighborhood KML files to show which areas of the city are best and worst for parking violations
  • Determining what parking offenses are most often ticketed

General Requirements

Information about MDI

The Milwaukee Data Initiative is an open data advocacy group in Milwaukee, WI.


All parking violations issued in 2012 in the City of Milwaukee



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