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function S = getopts(cells, varargin)
% S = getopts(cells, varargin)
% Parse options for a function, including default arguments. Put
% results in structure S with fields determined by arguments and
% default arguments. Cells should contain the cell array created by
% another function's varargin (without dereferencing it). The
% varargin should consist of {'string', value} pairs. Default
% arguments should also consist of such pairs. If a variable is
% not supplied in cells, its value will be taken from the
% defaults. If it is supplied in cells, the default will be
% ignored.
% Copyright (C) 2005 Michael Mandel, mim at ee columbia edu;
% distributable under GPL
S = struct(varargin{:});
for i=1:2:length(cells)
S = setfield(S, cells{i}, cells{i+1});
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