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function panx(frac)
% panx(frac)
% Pan all subplots in the current figure FRAC to the right. If
% FRAC is negative, pan to the left. FRAC defaults to 1/2.
% Copyright (C) 2005 Michael Mandel, mim at ee columbia edu;
% distributable under GPL
if(nargin < 1) frac = 1/2; end
fig = get(0, 'CurrentFigure');
kids = get(fig, 'Children');
for i=1:length(kids)
if(~strcmp(get(kids(i), 'type'), 'axes'))
xl = get(kids(i), 'xlim');
xl2 = xl - (xl(1)-xl(2))*frac;
xlim(kids(i), xl2);
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