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Note: Though we aim to only include legitimate links here, the Grin Developers/Council do not endorse any of the sites listed below, nor do we vouch for their accuracy, security or appropriateness. Use these services at your own risk.




  • TMGOX grin, mimblewimble and cypherpunk merch, all profits donated to the Grin Development Fund. Maintained by @0xb100d


Mining Pools


  • grin wallet is how you access grin's built-in wallet. It is a command line wallet.
  • Grinbox A transaction building service for Grin (for "offline" txs), currently under development.
  • Wallet 713 is a command line wallet that integrates with Grinbox and Keybase for easily sending transactions if you can't or don't want to expose your IP-address publicly.
  • Grin Web Wallet A Grin wallet with a GUI.
  • Ironbelly iOS/Android wallet for Grin. Development is on-going...
  • smirk is a user-friendly Grin client, built using Electron
  • there are more wallets being worked on, including native mobile apps. To check on the status, feel free to ask at the design chat


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