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Grin project management resources and docs

Decision log

A chronological list of decisions made by the Grin project, with references. Available here.

Release process

Steps to be completed as part of every node or wallet release. Available here.


Document Description
Addresses The list of cryptocurrency addresses associated to the project.
Transparency reports Financial transparency reports on a quarterly basis.
Burn-rate & runway report Current estimates of Grin's monthly spend, and months before running out of funds.
Financial logs Line by line details of income and spending.
Grin wallet transactions Snapshot of the transaction log of the Grin donation wallet.

Meeting notes


Expand/collapse list of notes
Date Topic Agenda Notes Tl;dr
Apr 06 Development Agenda
Mar 30 Governance Agenda
Mar 23 Development Agenda Notes BP Vulnerability, Bug bounties, 5.1.0 release
Mar 16 Governance Agenda Notes Ledger bounty, Community funding
Mar 09 Development Agenda Notes Bug bounties, libsecp fork, PR cleanup, 5.1.0 release, archival nodes
Mar 02 Governance Agenda Notes Send ASIC to Hendi, Community funding
Feb 23 Development Agenda Notes Keybase bridges
Feb 16 Governance Agenda Notes Community funding, Antioch funding request
Feb 09 Development Agenda Notes Bug bounties, Github cleaning, Release planning, Branching policy
Feb 02 Governance Agenda Notes Discussion about Funding requests, Exchange support
Jan 26 Development Agenda Notes hard fork evaluation, post 5.0.0 wish list prioritization
Jan 19 Governance Agenda Notes 2021 priorities, VPS GPU testnet mining, aggregator bounty
Jan 12 Development Agenda Notes v5.0.0 last check up, post 5.0.0 wish list brainstorm
Jan 05 Hybrid Agenda Notes v5 planning, ASICs ordering using General Fund


Expand/collapse list of notes
Date Topic Agenda Notes Tl;dr
Dec 22 Hybrid Agenda Notes @dtavarez funding request, v5.0.0 planning, Naming, API listening on
Dec 15 Governance Agenda Notes Holiday planning, Lehnberg Q1 2021 funding, PIBD RFC
Dec 08 Development Agenda Notes Slatepack, v5.0.0 planning, Naming, API listening on
Dec 01 Governance Agenda Notes Slatepack, Fund for mining proposal, HTTPs deprecation, PIBD RFC
Nov 24 Development Agenda Notes Slatepack, Testnet, Re-org attack, v5.0.0 planning review
Nov 17 Governance Agenda Notes Slatepack, HTTPs deprecation, PIBD RFC
Nov 10 Development Agenda Notes Testnet mining, Re-org attack, v5.0.0 planning review
Nov 03 Governance Agenda Notes Council accountability, HTTPs deprecation
Oct 27 Development Agenda Notes v5.0.0 updates & risk mitigations, testnet mining
Oct 20 Governance Agenda Notes @jaspervdm funding request, RFC reviews, Council accountability
Oct 13 Development Agenda Notes Re-org monitoring, v5.0.0 scope freeze, Grin-Pi
Oct 06 Governance Agenda Notes QA Funding request, @lehnberg funding request, deprecating http(s), floonet, RFC reviews
Sep 29 Development Agenda Notes re-org risk monitoring, v5.0.0 planning, slatepack adoption
Sep 22 Governance Agenda Notes @antiochp funding request,, simplify-governance, RFC reviews
Sep 15 Development Agenda Notes re-org risk monitoring, v4.1.0 release
Sep 08 Governance Agenda Notes @i1skn, @dtavarez funding requests, remove @ignotus as BDFL, remove @hashmap from core team, approve CoC change, new RFCs
Sep 01 Development Agenda Notes 5.0.0 planning, fix DAA, fee RFC, unscheduled hard forks, PIBD assignment
Aug 25 Governance Agenda Notes Documentation update, funding non-MW repo projects
Aug 18 Development Agenda Notes 5.0.0 planning, slatepack docs, eliminating finalize step, fee RFC / block size limit
Aug 11 Governance Agenda Notes ASIC AMA, CoC, Fix DAA, Wallet replay protection rules, Eliminating finalize step
Aug 04 Development Agenda Notes General v5.0.0 discussion, BP+, NRD, Eliminating finalize step, expiring kernels
Jul 28 Governance Agenda Notes Paouky funding request, CVE-2020-15899, scheduled hard forks
Jul 21 Development Agenda Notes replay attacks & mitigation, review of potential 5.0.0 items: 1-sided txs, duplicate outputs, NRD, expiring kernels, coinbase outputs, BP+
Jul 14 Governance Agenda Notes Documentation, Replay/Play attack working group discussion
Jul 07 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 status, replay attacks, coinbase outputs, v5.0.0 planning
Jun 30 Governance Agenda Notes Yeast, Lehnberg, Antioch Q3 funding requests, Review of open RFCs, CoC & Documentation
Jun 23 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 status, v5.0.0 high level focus discussion
Jun 16 Governance Agenda Notes Review of open RFCs, Post 4.0.0 planning
Jun 09 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 status, replay attacks / kernel uniqueness
Jun 02 Governance Agenda Notes jaspervdm update, review of open RFCs, 4.0.0 beta
May 26 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 status, floonet HF3 date, kernel types, kernel uniqueness
May 19 Governance Agenda Notes Review of open RFCs
May 12 Development Agenda Notes Slatepack, http(s) deprecation decision, v4.0.0 status, release checklist
May 05 Governance Agenda Notes GUI wallets, http(s) deprecation, review of open RFCs
Apr 28 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 status, http(s) deprecation discussion, PayJoin priority
Apr 21 Governance Agenda Notes New keybase structure, review of open RFCs
Apr 14 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 status, soft forks, post v5.0.0 network upgrades
Apr 07 Governance Agenda Notes @antiochp funding request, @quentin paying discourse, review of open RFCs, scheduled hard forks
Mar 31 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 scope freeze & planning, update on transaction slate RFCs and approaches
Mar 24 Governance Agenda Notes @lehnberg funding request, discourse costs, fund volatility, proof of work, moderation team, review of open RFCs
Mar 17 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 planning, Censorship resistance for tor txs, allow duplicate outputs
Mar 10 Governance Agenda Notes access and domain expiry, @yeastplume funding request, review of open RFCs
Mar 03 Development Agenda Notes v4.0.0 planning, hard forks & upgrades after v5.0.0, sample project
Feb 25 Governance Agenda Notes @jaspervdm funding request, general fund spending guidelines, adding repos to github org, review of open RFCs
Feb 18 Development Agenda Notes v3.1.0 release for node, release schedule, croaring fails on CI
Feb 11 Governance Agenda Notes Review of open RFCs
Feb 04 Development Agenda Notes v3.1.0 planning, QA team & testing process
Jan 28 Governance Agenda Notes Book funding request, Rename sub-teams, RFC Shepherding, web update
Jan 21 Development Agenda Notes Triaging process, overlay networks/i2p on node, 3.0.0 < x < 4.0.0 release planning and processes, no min rust version, stable branch, /packaging
Jan 14 Governance Agenda Notes 2020 roadmap, Lehnberg funding request, Forum migration
Jan 07 Development Agenda Notes Initial 3.1 discussion, integration tests, /packaging


Expand/collapse list of notes
Date Topic Agenda Notes Tl;dr
Dec 17 Governance Agenda Notes Yeast funding request, Moving meetings to Keybase, shares to domain, rescheduling of meetings during holiday period
Dec 10 Development Agenda Notes 3.0.0 scope freeze discussion & communication doc
Dec 03 Governance Agenda Notes Grin forum & site update, Discussion re forum policies, Grincon1 evaluation, RFC review
Nov 26 Development Agenda Notes Review of 3.0.0 status, upgrade communications, /packaging repo, Grin project focus discussion, API v2.
Nov 19 Governance Agenda Notes Forum migration, Open research problems, Roadmap RFC
Nov 12 Development Agenda Notes Review of 3.0.0 status, define upgrade timelines.
Nov 05 Governance Agenda Notes Website onboarding improvements, Assignment of RFC shepherds, Open research problems
Oct 29 Development Agenda Notes Scope finalization of v3.0.0, release of node v2.1.1
Oct 22 Governance Agenda Notes Open research problems, Grin 2020 roadmap, grincon1, website improvements
Oct 15 Development Agenda Notes Security audit publication date, 2.1.0 release, 3.0.0 planning, release packaging
Oct 08 Governance Agenda Notes Site redesign, migration, grincon1, lehnberg request for funding
Oct 01 Development Agenda Notes Tor POC discussion, 2.1.0 betas, branching, kernel excess storage
Sep 24 Governance Agenda Notes Security audit publication, hiring a cryptographer, new website
Sep 17 Development Agenda Notes Canaries, Removal of Igno from, Tor RFC, 2.1.0 progress update
Sep 10 Governance Agenda Notes Grincon1, events & moderation subteams
Sep 03 Development Agenda Notes v2.1.0 timelines, RFCs, security audit update
Aug 27 Governance Agenda Notes Yeastplume request for funding, fund management
Aug 20 Development Agenda Notes 2.1.0 & 3.0.0 planning, Security & Wallet RFCs review
Aug 13 Governance Agenda Notes Site redesign, yeastplume funding approach, security audit update
Aug 06 Development Agenda Notes Network hashrate, security audit progress
Jul 30 Governance Agenda Notes ETH & Grin addresses, Ledger development, Binance application, Security update, Moderation sub-team
Jul 23 Development Agenda Notes HF retrospective, decisions on version planning and branching model.
Jul 16 Governance Agenda Notes RFC process & subteam proposal adoptions, security audit update, website redesign
Jul 09 Development Agenda Notes Security audit update, 2.0.1 planning, node & wallet sub-teams.
Jul 02 Governance Agenda Notes RFC process & subteam trials, help with security audit work, 4th contact to SECURITY.MD
Jun 25 Development Agenda Notes POW Phaseouts on hold proposal, Update re tx slate compatibility, RFC process
Jun 18 Governance Agenda Notes Governance iteration, Bug bounties, third contact to SECURITY.MD
Jun 11 Development Agenda Notes v1.1.0 evaluation, v2.0.0 planning: binaries and private testnet timelines, branching model
Jun 04 Governance Agenda Notes Hard fork schedule, Grin budget, Governance working group, Pools & Exchanges contacts
May 28 Development Agenda Notes Detailed v1.1.0 and v2.0.0 planning
May 21 Governance Agenda Notes Coinspect audit payment, Grin budget feedback, Wiki access control
May 14 Development Agenda Notes v1.1.0, and future version planning, Hard fork, Http depreciation
May 07 Governance Agenda Notes Budget, Transparency report, Simplified onboarding
Apr 30 Development Agenda Notes i2p, v1.1.0 + CI, Git branching, Slate versioning
Apr 23 Governance Agenda Notes Quarterly report, Budget, Promoting other projects, Evangelism
Apr 16 Development Agenda Notes CI status, Testing, Protocol versioning, 1.1.0 betas and branch handling
Apr 09 Governance Agenda Notes Improvement Proposal process, Proof of work phaseout changes, Funding for lehnberg, funding specific causes
Apr 02 Development Agenda Notes GitlabCI, v1.1.0 testing, v1.0.3 release
Mar 26 Governance Agenda Notes Antioch funding re-consideration, management of ETH, phase out schedule for Proof of Work
Mar 19 Development Agenda Notes TravisCI alternatives, v1.1.0 release date, v1.0.3 release, Hard fork timeline and process
Mar 12 Governance Agenda Notes Funding for Igno, CVE-2019-9195 post-mortem, Treasury management
Mar 05 Development Agenda Notes v1.1.0 planning, nightly builds, rust-secp release
Feb 26 Governance Agenda Notes PR approach, Funding for Antioch
Feb 19 Development Agenda Notes v1.0.2 release, Error management
Feb 12 Governance Agenda Notes Decision on security audit firm, Friends of Grin, Risk mgmt
Feb 05 Development Agenda Notes http deprecation, wallets
Jan 29 Governance Agenda Notes Fund transparency report, Promoting continuous donations, Grin stackexchange
Jan 22 Development Agenda Notes Mainnet retrospective, v1.1.0 planning, release work process, Contributing policy update
Jan 17 Governance Agenda Notes Security audit decision process, Promotion of supporting projects, Exchanges, New website, Communities on website, Currency code, currency symbol
Jan 08 Development Agenda Notes Pre mainnet launch status checks, initial v1.1.0 planning.
Jan 03 Governance Agenda Notes Discussion of low mem GPU requirement implications, Bikeshedding polls to be organized.


Expand/collapse list of notes
Date Topic Agenda Notes Tl;dr
Dec 27 Development Agenda Notes Re-floonet, libsecp audit results, Semver, Release planning.
Dec 18 Governance Agenda Notes Postponed 2nd audit, genesis release discussion
Dec 11 Development Agenda Notes Permanent testnet, Switch commitments, Dependency policy
Dec 04 Governance Agenda Notes 2nd Audit goes to Quarkslab, No Cuckaroo29+, Website design approval, Voting
Nov 27 Development Agenda Notes Windows support, PR Review process
Nov 20 Governance Agenda Notes Jan 15 launch date target, incremental audits, not blocking mainnet, Cuckatoo31 switch, Exchanges, Conflicts of interest
Nov 13 Development Agenda Notes Wallet plugins, POW naming, mainnet planning
Nov 06 Governance Agenda Notes Grincon, Audits, Mission
Oct 30 Development Agenda Notes Detailed Mainnet planning
Oct 23 Governance Agenda Notes Audit entity, funding, Risk management, Cuckaroo, inital mainnet target period
Oct 16 Development Notes BetterHash mining protocol, DHT-style tx building
Oct 09 Governance Notes Audits, Grin-PM repo



c-base, Berlin, November 22 2019
Thanks to our conference sponsor QTUM.

Expand/collapse talk details
ID Speaker Topic Video Slides
01 @0xb100d / @lehnberg Opening remarks youtube N/A
02 @yeastplume / @lehnberg State of Grin youtube PDF
03 @hashmap Grin Networking youtube PDF
04 @joltz Grin Security youtube PDF
05 @quentinlesceller Grin Open Research Problems youtube PDF
06 @valdok Lelantus-mw youtube PDF
07 Wanseob Lim Mimblewimble on Ethereum youtube PDF
08 @lolliedieb 10 Months of Grin Mining & How to mine C32 Today youtube PDF
09 Henry Quan Where in the world is the Grin ASIC? youtube PDF
10 @tromp One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest youtube PDF
11 @qitian Grin in China youtube PDF
12 @i1skn Ironbelly mobile wallet youtube PDF
13 @nijynot Grin Usability youtube PDF
14 Iryoung Jeong Can we send Grin using Telegram easily? youtube PDF
15 Grin core team Core Q&A youtube N/A

Grin Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL, March 26 2019

Thanks to Grin Amsterdam for organizing the event.

Expand/collapse talk details
ID Speaker Topic Video Slides
1 Daniel Lehnberg Grin update youtube PDF
2 Michael Cordner The future of Grin youtube
3 John Tromp Intro to Grin Proof of Work youtube
4 Wilke Trei Slean mining youtube
5 Various Panel / Q&A youtube N/A, San Mateo CA, Jan 28 2019

Thanks to Grinmint for organizing the event.

Expand/collapse talk details
ID Speaker Topic Video Slides
1 Catheryne Nicholson & Ignotus Peverell Welcome Remarks youtube PDF
2 Daniel Lehnberg Intro to Grin and Value Proposition youtube PDF
3 John Woeltz Grin Crypto Security Audit Results youtube PDF
4 Michael Cordner Grin Privacy & Scalability youtube PDF
5 Dan Boneh & Taariq Lewis Fireside Chat with Dan Boneh youtube N/A
6 Andrew Poelstra Scriptless Scripts with Mimblewimble youtube PDF
7 Various Panel: Perspective on Grin Use Cases youtube N/A
8 Various Lightning Round Demo Sessions youtube PDF
9 Quentin Le Sceller How to Mine Grin youtube PDF
10 Ivy Evans Mining Security and Operations youtube PDF
11 Benedikt Bünz RSA Accumulators youtube PDF
12 John Tromp Cucka(t)(r)oo Mining Proof-of-Work youtube PDF
13 Michael Cordner The Future of Grin youtube PDF
14 Various Investor Panel: Investing in Privacy Coins youtube N/A

Grincon0, Berlin, Nov 9 2018

Expand/collapse talk details
ID Speaker Topic Video Slides
1 @ignopeverell Conference intro & opening youtube N/A
2 @yeastplume What is Grin & State of the nation youtube PDF
3 @hashmap How to start contributing to Grin youtube PDF
4 @quentinlesceller Dandelion youtube PDF
5 @yeastplume All about wallets youtube PDF
6 @jaspervdm Atomic Swaps youtube PDF
7 @tromp Cuck(at)oo Cycle POW youtube PDF
8 Panel Discussion & Q&A youtube N/A


Expand/collapse talk details
Date Event Speaker Topic Video Slides
20190716 Grin London @lehnberg Grin update and Governance process N/A PDF
20190517 Grin Moscow meetup @lehnberg Grin overview N/A PDF
20190425 CryptoMonday, Berlin @i1skn Intro to Grin Youtube Online
20190123 Grincon Asia, Singapore @garyyu Mimblewimble / Grin Intro N/A PDF
20190110 Grin London @lehnberg Intro N/A PDF
20181205 Bitcoin Wednesday, Amsterdam @jaspervdm Intro N/A PDF


Grin project management resources and docs



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