Grin project management resources and docs
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Grin project management resources and docs

Decision log

A chronological list of decisions made by the Grin project, with references. Available here.

Meeting notes


Date Topic Agenda Notes Tl;dr
Jan 29 Governance Agenda Notes
Jan 22 Development Agenda Notes
Jan 17 Governance Agenda Notes Security audit decision process, Promotion of supporting projects, Exchanges, New website, Communities on website, Currency code, currency symbol
Jan 08 Development Agenda Notes Pre mainnet launch status checks, initial v1.1.0 planning.
Jan 03 Governance Agenda Notes Discussion of low mem GPU requirement implications, Bikeshedding polls to be organized.


Date Topic Agenda Notes Tl;dr
Dec 27 Development Agenda Notes Re-floonet, libsecp audit results, Semver, Release planning.
Dec 18 Governance Agenda Notes Postponed 2nd audit, genesis release discussion
Dec 11 Development Agenda Notes Permanent testnet, Switch commitments, Dependency policy
Dec 04 Governance Agenda Notes 2nd Audit goes to Quarkslab, No Cuckaroo29+, Website design approval, Voting
Nov 27 Development Agenda Notes Windows support, PR Review process
Nov 20 Governance Agenda Notes Jan 15 launch date target, incremental audits, not blocking mainnet, Cuckatoo31 switch, Exchanges, Conflicts of interest
Nov 13 Development Agenda Notes Wallet plugins, POW naming, mainnet planning
Nov 06 Governance Agenda Notes Grincon, Audits, Mission
Oct 30 Development Agenda Notes Detailed Mainnet planning
Oct 23 Governance Agenda Notes Audit entity, funding, Risk management, Cuckaroo, inital mainnet target period
Oct 16 Development Notes BetterHash mining protocol, DHT-style tx building
Oct 09 Governance Notes Audits, Grin-PM repo


Grincon0, Berlin, Nov 9 2018

ID Speaker Topic Video Slides
1 @ignopeverell Conference intro & opening youtube N/A
2 @yeastplume What is Grin & State of the nation youtube PDF
3 @hashmap How to start contributing to Grin youtube PDF
4 @quentinlesceller Dandelion youtube PDF
5 @yeastplume All about wallets youtube PDF
6 @jaspervdm Atomic Swaps youtube PDF
7 @tromp Cuck(at)oo Cycle POW youtube PDF
8 Panel Discussion & Q&A youtube N/A