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Grin decision log


This document tracks decisions made by the Grin project and points to documentation/information where such decisions were made, for easy future reference. The log is in reverse chronological order.


ID Date Decision Reference
46 20191008 Approve @lehnberg request for funding Meeting Note
45 20191008 Migration to domain Meeting Note
44 20190924 Security audit steps and timelines responsibility to @j01tz Meeting Note
43 20190917 Remove Ignotus from SECURITY.MD Meeting Note
42 20190827 Funding for @yeastplume Meeting Note
41 20190730 Eth & Grin donation addresses Meeting Note
40 20190723 Branching model Meeting Note
39 20190723 Version planning, breaking changes in releases Meeting Note
38 20190716 Adopt RFC-0002: Grin governance Meeting Note
37 20190716 Adopt RFC-0001: Introduce RFC Process Meeting Note
36 20190702 Add @j01tz to SECURITY.MD Meeting Note
35 20190625 POW: Define commitment period of no change to 18 months in the future. Put phaseouts on hold. Meeting Note
34 20190618 Set up RFC repo and process Meeting Note
33 20190618 Add @hashmap to SECURITY.MD Meeting Note
32 20190521 Pay final Coinspect installment Meeting Note
31 20190409 Funding for @lehnberg Meeting Note
30 20190326 Next steps in POW phase out discussion Meeting Note
29 20190326 Treasury management of ETH Meeting Note
28 20190326 Funding for Antioch Peverell re-evaluated Meeting Note
27 20190312 Funding for Ignotus Peverell Meeting Note
26 20190312 Quarterly income and spend reporting Meeting Note
25 20190312 How to update spending logs Meeting Note
24 20190312 Treasury management and how to handle crypto balances Meeting Note
23 20190312 Review security vulnerability process Meeting Note
22 20190312 Move yeastplume funding out of income log Meeting Note
21 20190226 Funding for antiochp Meeting Note
20 20190219 Release week for v1.0.2 Meeting Note
19 20190212 Firm to hire for security audit Meeting Note
18 20190205 Handling unsafe http transactions Meeting Note
17 20190129 StackExchange approach Meeting Note
16 20190129 Run https listener for dev fund donations Meeting Note
15 20190129 Add Fund transparency report Meeting Note
14 20190122 Change pull request review process Meeting Note
13 20190122 Add issue reporting templates Meeting Note
12 20190122 Define work approach for releases Meeting Note
11 20190117 Adopt Currency Symbol Meeting Note
10 20190117 Adopt Currency Code Meeting Note
9 20190117 Where/how to promote communities and events Meeting Note
8 20190117 Merge new design for Meeting note
7 20190117 Fee for exchange integration support Meeting note
6 20190117 Review three price quotes for security audits, time for deciding on winning bid Meeting note
5 20190108 Initial scope for v1.1.0 Meeting note
4 20190108 Test main net launch Meeting note
3 20190102 Bikeshedding polls Meeting note
2 20190103 Genesis block message Meeting note
1 20190103 Deadline for Risk brainstorm process Meeting note
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