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@ignopeverell ignopeverell released this May 9, 2019


  • b9e3a90 Merge pull request #99 from quentinlesceller/litbadge
  • 9f96e43 Add Azure Pipelines badge
  • 6f875c5 Command line implementation of invoice commands (#96)
  • 7a39c7c Merge pull request #97 from quentinlesceller/azure-pipelines
  • 6c32174 Change connection name
  • 2a23318 Possible MSFT pipeline bug with . task
  • 77a6628 Add LLVM
  • b76c18d Do not crash on empty terminal
  • e673fd9 Remove cursive and fix task names
  • 9d6694b Add Azure Pipelines to grin-wallet
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