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Explaining grin

  • intro - Technical introduction to grin
  • grin4bitcoiners - Explaining grin from a bitcoiner's perspective

Understand the grin implementation

  • chain_sync - About how Grin's blockchain is synchronized
  • blocks_and_headers - How Grin tracks blocks and headers on the chain
  • contract_ideas - Ideas on how to implement contracts
  • dandelion/dandelion - About transaction propagation and cut-through. Stemming and fluffing!
  • dandelion/simulation - Dandelion simulation - aggregating transaction without lock_height Stemming and fluffing!
  • internal/pool - Technical explanation of the transaction pool
  • merkle - Technical explanation of grin's favorite kind of merkle trees
  • merkle_proof graph - Example merkle proof with pruning applied
  • pruning - Technical explanation of pruning
  • stratum - Technical explanation of Grin Stratum RPC protocol
  • transaction UML - UML of an interactive transaction (aggregating transaction without lock_height)
  • rangeproof output format - Explanation of the byte output of a range proof in a Grin transaction

Build and use

  • api - Explaining the different APIs in Grin and how to use them
  • build - Explaining how to build and run the Grin binaries
  • release - Instructions of making a release
  • usage - Explaining how to use grin in Testnet3
  • wallet - Explains the wallet design and grin wallet sub-commands

External (wiki)