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LaunchUI Packager GUI

GUI front-end for LaunchUI Packager.


LaunchUI is a launcher for GUI Node.js applications using libui-node. LaunchUI Packager is a tool for creating packages based on LaunchUI for Windows, Linux and OS X.

LaunchUI Packager GUI is a desktop application which simplifies creating LaunchUI packages without using custom scripts. It stores all package settings in a file called lanuchui.json in the project directory and makes it possible to build packages for the selected platform and architecture. To create the package settings file for a new project, you can select a package.json file.

LaunchUI Packager GUI is based on Vuido, a framework for creating native desktop applications using Vue.js.


Download one of the packages from the LaunchUI Packager GUI releases, unpack it anywhere and run the application.


Building LaunchUI Packager GUI is only necessary if you need to make some customizations.

Use the following commands to install all dependencies and build the application:

npm install
npm run build

To build LaunchUI Packager GUI on Windows, you will need the following prerequisites:

To build LaunchUI Packager GUI on Linux, you will need:

To build LaunchUI Packager GUI on OS X, you will need:

  • Xcode

Use the following command to run the application:

npm start


LaunchUI Packager GUI is licensed under the MIT license

Copyright (C) 2018 Michał Męciński