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import datetime
import re
from autumn import validators
class Path(validators.Regex):
regex = re.compile(r'^/.*$', re.I | re.U)
class Alphanumeric(validators.Regex):
regex = re.compile(r'^\w*$', re.I | re.U)
class Id(validators.Regex):
regex = re.compile(r'^[\w-]+$', re.I | re.U)
class IdOrNull(validators.Regex):
regex = re.compile(r'^[\w-]*$', re.I | re.U)
class Datetime(validators.Validator):
def __call__(self, dt):
return type(dt) is datetime.datetime
class DatetimeOrNull(validators.Validator):
def __call__(self, dt):
return dt is None or type(dt) is datetime.datetime
class Boolean(validators.Validator):
def __call__(self, boolean):
return ((type(boolean) is int and (boolean == 0 or boolean == 1)) or
type(boolean) is bool)
class UnicodeString(validators.Validator):
def __init__(self, min_length=1, max_length=None):
if max_length is not None:
assert max_length >= min_length, "max_length must be >= to min_length"
self.min_length = min_length
self.max_length = max_length
def __call__(self, string):
l = len(string)
return (l >= self.min_length) and \
(self.max_length is None or l <= self.max_length)
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