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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<provider_url>{{ nav_url(host=True) }}</provider_url>
<title>{{ content.title }}</title>
<a href="{{ content_url(content, host=True) }}">
{% if content_thumb %}
<img src="{{ nav_url(host=True, section=content_thumb) }}" />
{% else %}
{{ content.title }}
{% end %}
{% if content_thumb %}
<width>{{ thumb_width }}</width>
<height>{{ thumb_height }}</height>
{% end %}
<author_name>{{ content.username }}</author_name>
<author_url>{{ nav_url(host=True, username=content.username) }}</author_url>
{% if content_owner.title %}
<provider_name>{{ content_owner.title }}</provider_name>
{% end %}
{% if content_thumb %}
<thumbnail_url>{{ nav_url(host=True, section=content_thumb) }}</thumbnail_url>
<thumbnail_width>{{ thumb_width }}</thumbnail_width>
<thumbnail_height>{{ thumb_height }}</thumbnail_height>
{% end %}
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