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Tool to export jmx data into file, cloudwatch, zabbix,...
Java Shell
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Tool to export jmx data into file,... JMX data can come from local JVM or a remote JVM


java -jar jmx-exporter ...

The application export data to stdout (System.out) and log into stderr (System.err), so common usage can be

java -jar jmx-exporter 2> /tmp/jmx-monitor0.log 1> /tmp/

Some sample shell script are provide in the zip archive (


Configuration is read from property file (see If there are several configuration files, each configuration will run independently, so several application or several export can be run in a single run.

System properties can define and override any configuration define in property file, they can be used for shared configuration.

The minimal property to define is "jmx.metrics" that list info to retrieve.

with [CloudWatch]

with [CloudWatch] command line tool

Configure (in property file) the cloudwatch properties and set exporter exporter.class=com.mimesis.jmx.Exporter4CloudwatchCli

Integration with [Zabbix] can be done via the command line tool "mon-put-data". The tool generate a set of commands (calls mon-put-data) that can be execute after

with [CloudWatch] java SDK

You need to provide jar from AWS SDK for java (1.2.0) into the classpath. Configure (in property file) the cloudwatch properties and set exporter exporter.class=com.mimesis.jmx.Exporter4CloudwatchAsyncClient.

with [Zabbix]

Configure (in property file) the zabbix properties and set exporter exporter.class=com.mimesis.jmx.Exporter4ZabbixSender

Integration with [Zabbix] is done via zabbix_sender. The application generate a data file that can be used as input files for zabbix_sender (1.8.3) (TODO, document how to create Items into Zabbix for JMX data, and how to configure and to use the template)

with [Cacti]

The code was originaly build to export data for Cacti (in 2009), but it was not re-tested for Cacti after full refactor (0.2, ...). Contribution, feedback is hope.



  • Want a bulk request (or at least several request per connection)
  • Want to monitor java application without require some modification into their code
  • Version 0.1 was created to work with [Catci], then 0.2 to import data into [Zabbix], between 0.1 and this version competitor emerge but I keep it
  • I use Java (instead of Scala) to reduce dependencies of the agent, and allow java dev (main JMX user) to contribute.



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