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DotMim.Sync (DMS) is a straightforward framework for syncing relational databases, developed on top of .Net Standard 2.0, available and ready to use within IOT, Xamarin, .NET, UWP and so on :)

Multi Databases Cross Plaform .Net Standard 2.0


Here is the easiest way to create a first sync, from scratch :

// Sql Server provider, the "server" or "hub".
SqlSyncProvider serverProvider = new SqlSyncProvider(
    @"Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks;Integrated Security=true;");

// Sqlite Client provider acting as the "client"
SqliteSyncProvider clientProvider = new SqliteSyncProvider("advworks.db");

// Tables involved in the sync process:
var setup = new SyncSetup("ProductCategory", "ProductDescription", "ProductModel", 
                          "Product", "ProductModelProductDescription", "Address", 
                          "Customer", "CustomerAddress", "SalesOrderHeader", "SalesOrderDetail");

// Sync agent
SyncAgent agent = new SyncAgent(clientProvider, serverProvider);

    var result = await agent.SynchronizeAsync(setup);

} while (Console.ReadKey().Key != ConsoleKey.Escape);

And here is the result you should have, after a few seconds:

Synchronization done.
        Total changes  uploaded: 0
        Total changes  downloaded: 2752
        Total changes  applied: 2752
        Total resolved conflicts: 0
        Total duration :0:0:3.776

You're done !

Now try to update a row in your client or server database, then hit enter again. You should see something like that:

Synchronization done.
        Total changes  uploaded: 0
        Total changes  downloaded: 1
        Total changes  applied: 1
        Total resolved conflicts: 0
        Total duration :0:0:0.045

Yes it's blazing fast !

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