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Welcome to Mimi


Mimi is a package that provides a component model for integrated assessment models.


Mimi is an installable package which requires the programming language julia to run. To install Mimi, first enter Pkg REPL mode by typing ], and then use the following script. You may then exit Pkg REPL mode with a single backpace.

pkg> add Mimi

For more complete setup instructions, follow the Installation Guide.

Mimi Registry

Several models currently use the Mimi framework, as listed in the section below. For convenience, several models are registered in the MimiRegistry, and operate as julia packages. To use this feature, you first need to connect your julia installation with the central Mimi registry of Mimi models. This central registry is like a catalogue of models that use Mimi that is maintained by the Mimi project. To add this registry, run the following command at the julia package REPL:

pkg> registry add

You only need to run this command once on a computer.

From there you may add any of the registered packages, such as MimiRICE2010.jl by running the following command at the julia package REPL:

pkg> add MimiRICE2010

Models using Mimi

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