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mBeam License: MIT

This open source mBeam microservice created by the mimik team is an example cross-platform solution for media streaming. More specifically, this edgeSDK microservice has the following functionality:

  1. Provide a queue of links to shared media on the target device
  2. Beam content from one target device to another

Environment Variables

signatureKey: the signatureKey is used as a signing secret for the file token ownerCode: the ownerCode is used as a secret to protect endpoints according to the swagger API

Build Process

The build script default.yml is specified under config directory.

  1. Install dependencies: npm install
  2. Run the build script: npm run build
  3. Package to container: npm run package


For mobile application development, deployment is programmatically by Android or iOS Wrappers, learn more about it:

For microservice development, things you will need:

  • edgeSDK running on the deployment targeted device.
  • Obtained edge Acess Token and associate the device from edgeSDK OAuth Tool.
  • Run the following commands under the same directory of your containerized microservice file:
curl -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer <edge Access Token>' -F "image=@beam-v1.tar" http://localhost:8083/mcm/v1/images
  • To run the microservice after successful deployment, with environment variables:
curl -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer <edge Access Token>' -d '{"name": "beam-v1", "image": "beam-v1", "env": {"MCM.BASE_API_PATH": "/beam/v1", "MCM.WEBSOCKET_SUPPORT": "true", "ownerCode": <YourOwnerCode>, "signatureKey": <YourSignatureKey>} }' http://localhost:8083/mcm/v1/containers



MIT licensed.

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