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node version of my portfolio website. es6 js, sass, nodejs, expressjs, handlebars, grunt, bower
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node (w/ express) application version of my portfolio website, edited for github.

es6 js, sass, nodejs, express, handlebars, grunt, bower, npm

To use:

Running npm start will install all dependencies, run grunt, and start the node server

If you wish to do each command individually:

npm run packages

npm run build

npm run server

If you want to do development, run a simultaneous grunt watch process or remember to run grunt to compile new changes


site will be accessible at http://localhost:8000

the server runs on port 8000

node files are all inside /app/, and so are all asset source files

all public-facing files are inside /public/ and are generated by grunt during development

development is compiled with grunt tasks, which are defined inside the /grunt/ folder

vendor packages managed with bower

routes for each page are defined inside /app/includes/config/ and executed inside /app/includes/routes.js

endpoints have been created to access portfolio items, run the email functionality, or display an image carousel

each page has its own respective js and css files, apart from globals

Files Not included in this Repository:

I have a few files ignored in the repository simply for the sake of keeping data private, as well as extraneous things that aren't necessarily needed for understanding or compiling the codebase.

This is not an exact replica of the codebase as it currently exists on my site but contains all the important bits.

  • The Contact Form does not work because I have not included my email authentication file! It works on the live site if you want to try it out though =)


Updates to come:

  • a fancy email template to be sent for when people actually use the contact form to contact me!

Release Notes:

  • v1.1.3 Skip links, meta descriptions for each page and portfolio item, image carousels, breadcrumbs, an error 404 page, and print styles.
  • v1.1.2 Introducing the Blog section, new 404 error page, css print styles, updating package dependency versions, slightly refactored Grunt setup, misc cleanups. Plus, gzip compression
  • v1.0.0 Node version released!!
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