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blogpost README
:Author: Stuart Rackham

*Updated*: 2012-12-31 +
*Updated*: 2010-10-28 +
*Updated*: 2010-02-17 +
*Published*: 2008-05-16

'blogpost' is a Wordpress command-line weblog client.  It creates and
updates weblog entries directly from[AsciiDoc] (or HTML) source
documents. You can also delete and list weblog entries from the

- Manages WordPress Posts and Pages.
- Automatically uploads media files (images, video, audio).
- Only posts new or modified media files.

This 'blogpost' command creates a blogpost containing images from an
AsciiDoc text file:

$ post blogpost_media_processing.txt

uploading: /home/srackham/doc/blogs/smallnew.png...
uploading: /home/srackham/doc/blogs/tiger.png...
creating published post 'blogpost media processing'...
id: 93

Latest version in[Mercurial
repository at Google Code].

See also the[blogpost(1) man

Current version tested under:

- Xubuntu 12.04
- Python 2.7.3

'blogpost' uses Michele Ferretti’s[Python
Wordpress library] and comes with a patched version of the
`` library module (the patch added WordPress 'Page'
XML-RPC methods).

- Python 2.5 or better (has not been tried with earlier versions).
-[AsciiDoc] (unless you only plan
  to source raw HTML documents).

- Clone the[Mercurial repository at
  Google Code] to your local machine.
- Put `` in search path (optional).
- Install the Wordpress backend plugin:

  asciidoc --backend install ./conf/

- Create `$HOME/.blogpost` configuration file (see example
- Disable 'emoticons' from the Wordpress browser interface (optional):
  1. Login.
  2. Navigate to 'Settings->Writing->Writing Settings' page.
  3. Uncheck 'Convert emoticons' in the 'Formatting' section (this
     option stops the automatic conversion of text patterns to

As of AsciiDoc 8.6.9 the 'wordpress' backend conf file
`wordpress.conf` is no longer included in the AsciiDoc distribution --
it's included here in the blogpost distribution as a backend plugin


- Under some circumstances WordPress converts three periods to an
  elipsis character and double dashes to the em dashes, there doesn't
  seem to be a way to turn this off.
- WordPress does not appear to recognise list numbering styles and all
  numbered lists are rendered with decimal numbering (WordPress
  default theme).
- WordPress nested unordered lists all have the same bullet style
  (WordPress default theme).
- Large posts can result in blank WordPress pages (I experienced this
  posting the AsciiDoc User Guide which is over five thousand lines
  long). The problem seems to be with WordPress: