Interactive narrative experience, addresses government surveillance in the modern digital age
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Project Perfect Citizen



Project Perfect Citizen is an innovative interactive narrative experience that addresses government surveillance in the modern digital age. In this alternate-day dystopia, the player takes on the role of a no-name employee at the Department of Cyber Police and Security: a division of the government tasked with monitoring all domestic communications within "The Nation".

Perfect Citizen seeks to take the player on a thought provoking journey through the personal lives of imperfect citizens in order to push the bounds of games as a storytelling medium and create a tense yet intimate gameplay experience that directly engages with the conversation of privacy and security.

Key Features

  • Built on a custom C++ Game Engine using SFML 2.3.2
  • Implements procedurally generated character art, personalities, and relationships to simulate a living digital world.
  • Simulates a Windows 95 operating system with a fully dynamic window and file tree system, grainy visual aesthetic, and a Unix-style command line.
  • Breaks new ground in environmental storytelling and game design through unique and morally ambiguous Desktop levels.

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