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A great starting point for quickly creating WordPress Themes using HTML5

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HTML5 Wordpress Shell

NOTE: Most work being done on the shell is being done on the SASS version

This Shell theme can freely be used to rapidly develop websites using clean HTML5 that generates a well thought out document outline.

The theme was created and is actively maintained by mimoYmima a web design studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Some Of the Features

  • Very well thought out HTML5 document structure
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized
  • Responsive Ready, the style.css file has pre-programmed areas for common media queries
  • The mother of all body tags
  • Dynamic sidebar examples
  • Custom sidebar examples
  • Smart sidebar disable
  • 404 template, 503 template (for use with maintenance mode plugin)

Learn more about the shell and download our WordPress Plug-Ins pack at

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