implementation of the DES cipher in C
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This is an implementation in C of DES (Data Encryption Standard).

This is to be used only for files that are multiples of 64 bits exactly. We used ECB as a mode of operation but haven't implemented any padding system (it is not the point, if you want to add it you can always fork the code!).

DES is a broken cypher and this work is intended for educational purpose.


  • DES.c and DES.h contain the functions used in the DES algorithm.

  • main.c builds the algorithm and allows you to encrypt/decrypt an input file.

Use make to build desbox.

$ make

$ desbox --help
  • genkey.c is a key generator that prevents weak keys. Use it if you don't have any key to use.

Use make to build the keygen.

$ make genkey

$ ./genkey