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I always thought I could reduce the amount of time slacking if I could track my time on facebook, reddit, hackernews... like tracking calories intake to reduce weight. I couldn't find a good firefox plugin for that so I decided to make one.

How to use it?

Open the file FirefoxTimeTracker.xpi with Firefox (Ctrl+O).

Remember to come back here often to check if the plugin has been updated. It is still a beta but it works.

You will see a "firefox" icon (for the moment):


Clicking on it will bring you to a new page displaying you basic statistics on your day

firefox time tracker

The thinking behind it

what not to log?

Whenever Firefox is not in the foreground nothing will get logged. The plugin also monitor for mouse movement and keys being pressed, if none of them are actively used for more than 2 minutes then the user is assumed inactive and we stop logging.

To Do List


  • better icon
  • display quick view of logs when hovering the icon


  • sync the logs with firefox sync (easy?)

track days?

The plugin actually tracks periods starting and stopping at midnight. I am thinking of changing that to 6 or 7am.

Track time correctly

  • do we really need to save every 5 seconds? -> maybe we should stop this and only save when we switch tab.

  • idling stops logging if user doesn't move his mouse or touch his keyboard for more than 10 minutes. How do we avoid this if he is watching a youtube video for example. Solutions? Add a whitelist (youtube, dailymotion...) or/and increase the time before idling.


  • make beautiful graphs .


  • save info online? on user's disk?
  • remove old logs when quota is reached! (reduceLogs not coded)
  • when a new day is created, reduce the list of the previous day (so we should keep a track of what was the "previous day")


a time tracker to avoid slacking (firefox plugin)



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