Node-webkit + Napster (stream music from Google)
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Node-webkit + Napster

nodster it looks like that in action (note that it is an old version and it is much much faster now).

Nodster is a crawler that finds mp3 and stream them from any source.

/!\ This is super early work! If you wanna help, fork away! This is also just for the fun and not a serious project as there are obvious legal issues.

If you want to try it, just:

  • put all these files in node-webkit.
  • install the dependencies with npm install (you'll have to install node.js first and you can find the dependencies in the package.json.
  • get the relevant ffmpegsumo from libraries and use it instead of node-webkit's default (you need that to read mp3s).
  • launch the nw executable.

If you wanna help, here's the to do list:

  • pause/play the music with the space button
  • stream the music instead of downloading and playing
  • add a persistent playlist